CUB Staff

Michael + " " + Duignan

Michael Duignan

Executive Director for Campus Life & University Union 

  • Develops and implements vision, mission, and goals for all area of responsibility, which compliments the mission and goals of the University
  • Along with the Assistant Directors, Technical & Event Services Manager, Administrative Assistant and the Information & Spiritual Center Coordinator manages all reservations, set-ups, equipment & AV requests for all events and meetings taking place in the Ceddia Union Building (CUB), Memorial Auditorium (MA), Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center (SC) and the Academic Quad
  • Serves as the primary advisor for the Activities Program Board (APB) and facilitates leadership development initiatives for APB
  • Coordinates large campus-wide programming, including homecoming, Parents and Family Celebration, and major concerts
  • Serves as a programming resource for campus community
  • Coordinates programming for Ceddia Union Building


Kyle + " " + Miller

Kyle Miller

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • Provide vision and leadership for the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Alithia + " " + Zamantakis

Alithia Zamantakis

Director of LGBTQ+ Services and Programs

  • Foster a welcome, safe environment for a variety of university members, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer students and their allies.
  • Provide a wide variety of helpful resources and be a place of contact for concerns related to LGBTQ+ communities

Emily + " " + Javitt

Emily Javitt

Assistant Director for Engagement and Leadership

  • Implements and runs the Leader@SHIP program
  • Oversees the facilitation and operation of The Project Center
  • Oversees management of student groups and ShipLink
  • Implements the Student LIfe Awards Program
  • Works with the Student Groups & Activites Committee (SGAC)
  • Serves as resource for all student groups and assist with the planning of events and programs as needed or requested
  • Serves as co-advisor for the Shippensburg Leadership Academy Living Learning Community
  • Supervises the Leadership Development and Operations Graduate Assistant

Connie + " " + Gruver

Connie Gruver

Administrative Assistant

  • Serves as the primary reservationist for the Ceddia Union Building (CUB)
  • Oversees the General Enterprise (off campus vendors) program
  • Manages departmental student employee payroll

Raven + " " + Francis

Raven Francis

Assistant Director of Operations

  • Works with the Executive Director to oversee student staff for the Ceddia Union Building (CUB), Memorial Auditorium, and Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center.
  • Assist in supervision of building operations, along with primary supervision of student managers and student crew areas.
  • Oversees the daily operation of the CUB Information Desk
  • Point Person and On-Boarding representative for the office
  • Serves as the reservationist for the Academic Quad and the Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center
  • Maintain operations of the Spiritual Center and Academic Quad including, but not limited to: audiovisual needs, confirming facility set-ups, and work orders.

Tyler + " " + Rock

Tyler Rock

Campus Activities & Programming Advisor

  • Serves as an advisor to the Activites Program Board
  • Assists with the planning and execution of Parents & Family Celebration
  • Assists with the planning and execution of Homecoming
  • Facilitates the creation of APB marketing materials
  • Assists with leadership development and training for the Activities Program Board Student Leaders

Nicholas + " " + Swaha

Nicholas Swaha

Student Group Services & Leadership Development Advisor

  • Plans and implements Student Involvement & Services (SIS) Fair in the Fall and Spring
  • Works with the Assistant Director to manage ShipLink
  • Plans and implements the SU Raider Challenge
  • Serves as the primary supervisor to the Game Zone manager and crew

Peyton + " " + Finkle

Peyton Finkle

Technical Operations Graduate Assistant

  • Coordinates technical services for Ceddia Union Building and Memorial Auditorium
  • Assists the Associate Director in overseeing the management, scheduling, maintenance and improvements for the Ceddia Union Building and Memorial Auditorium
  • Assists the Associate Director in supervising the management of the CUB's Student Technical Crew