CUB Student Employment

Information for all CUB Student Employment positions can be found at SHIP Career Connection.  To be considered for any CUB positions, you must complete your SHIP Career Connection profile and submit your resume and application directly through the site.  Follow the steps below to access your account and apply for CUB positions.

To access SHIP Career Connection

  •          Go to
  •          Under SHIP Career Connection, click “Current Students” (Login using the MyShip Portal)
  •          Click “My Profile” to build your Personal and Academic information and be able to view all features of the system and apply for positions

Upload your Resume

(NOTE: You will be required to upload your resume for all on-campus positions posted in SHIP Career Connection)

  •          Click “My Documents” tab
  •          Click “Add New” button
  •          Label: Type name for your document
  •          Document Type: Select appropriate type of document you will be uploading
  •          Click “Browse” to locate and upload your file
  •          Click “Submit” button

To Find and Review Campus Jobs

  •          Point to “Jobs” tab
  •          Click “SHIP Career Connection Jobs”
  •          Make sure “Jobs” tab is selected
  •          Click “Advanced Search” to select job search criteria
  •          Under “Position Type”, select “On Campus Student Employment”
  •          Click “Search”
  •          Review Jobs
  •          Click on Job Title for position(s) of interest
  •          Click on “Job Title – Student Employment Application” pdf
  •          Download and save application to your computer and complete

Upload Completed Application

  •          Click “My Documents” tab
  •          Click “Add New” button
  •          Label: Title of the document you are uploading
  •          Select “Other”
  •          Click “Browse” to select your completed student employment application from your computer
  •          Click “Submit” button

After reviewing the job description and completing/uploading your resume, student employment application, etc.

  •          View the job posting
  •          Click “Apply” button
  •          Click “Add New” button to add resume you want to attach to the position
  •          In the “Other” scroll box, select the appropriate application/document by clicking the down arrow
  •          Click “Submit”

(You should see a green “Applied” button.  You will need to do this for every position for which you are interested in applying.)

Note: Submitted Student Employment Applications are only kept on file for 6 months.  Please be aware of this and reapply after 6 months if you do not receive a position.