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Gender Inclusive Housing FAQS

What is gender inclusive housing?

Shippensburg University strives to provide a safe, inclusive, comfortable, and supportive living environment for all students residing in University housing. Gender Inclusive Housing provides an option for students who identify as a transgender or gender non-conforming to select a room assignment that meets their individual needs. Gender inclusive housing also allows these students to request a roommate of any gender to ensure all students have a safe and comfortable residential experience. All roommates in gender inclusive housing must be at least 18 years of age, and eligible for University housing. Students are discouraged from living with someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship.

How do I request gender inclusive housing?

All current students—including entering first-year students, transfer students, re-admitted students, and graduate students—will have the opportunity to indicate their preference for gender inclusive housing by filling out an electronic “Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form” on the Shippensburg University Housing and Residence Life website. Housing and Residence Life will then work with the students on a case-by-case basis to assign appropriate and comfortable housing.

Housing and Residence Life will not ask any questions regarding gender or gender identity for students who request Gender Inclusive Housing. The purpose of the request form is to streamline the process for gender inclusive housing requests.

Where is gender inclusive housing located?

Gender inclusive housing is available in every residence hall (Harley, Kieffer, Lackhove, McCune, Naugle, Seavers, and McLean). The availability of space in each hall is dependent on occupancy at the time of the request.

What room types are offered for gender inclusive housing?

All room types are eligible for gender inclusive housing include rooms in traditional housing, B unit, C unit, D unit, E unit, and F units in the suites. All roommates must agree to the gender inclusive housing accommodation before the approval of the assignment takes place.

Does gender inclusive housing come with an additional cost?

There is no additional fee to be assigned to a gender inclusive housing option. The student will be charged the applicable room rate for the space.

As a parent paying the bill, what if I do not want my student to live in gender inclusive housing? 

The Housing Agreement is between Shippensburg University and the student.  As an adult, the student holds the decision making rights. The University encourages parents and students to communicate about gender inclusive housing and the needs of the student.

Can a student be assigned to gender inclusive housing without requesting it?

A student must indicate interest in gender inclusive housing to be assigned into a gender inclusive housing assignment. Students will need to complete the "Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form” form before being assigned to gender inclusive housing.

Do you offer roommate matching in gender inclusive housing?

Shippensburg University works with My College Roomie for roommate matching options. My College Roomie is a site that allows you to use criteria to find and connect with compatible roommates. It also creates a community of other students who will be living on campus you can engage with. Once you are in the system, you can search and find your roommate and connect with fellow Ship students. If you select and match with a roommate, you will automatically be matched together and all you will have to do is select your room at a later time after filling out the "Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form”.

What happens if a vacancy occurs in my gender inclusive housing assignment?

The student(s) remaining in the space will have the opportunity to request another roommate who agrees to the gender inclusive housing conditions. If another roommate is not able to be identified, the student receiving the gender inclusive housing assignment can reach out to the Director of Housing and Residence Life to discuss the future of the room assignment if this occurs.  All efforts will be made to keep the space vacant in order for the student to identify another potential student willing to move into the gender inclusive assignment. However, if that is not able to occur, Housing and Residence Life may need to the use the vacancy for a room assignment. Continued communication between the student receiving the gender inclusive housing assignment and Housing and Residence Life is welcomed and encouraged in order to accommodate based on comfort and roommate preferences.

What if I am in gender inclusive housing and I want a room change?

In the event a student living in a gender inclusive housing assignment requests to move out of their room for any reason, there is no guarantee their next space would also be a gender inclusive assignment due to availability and participation in gender inclusive housing. The student has the option to be reassigned into a single-occupancy room if available. Any student seeking to move from their housing assignment, including students in Gender Inclusive Housing Assignments, should fill out a “Room Change Request Form” with the residence life staff.

Am I guaranteed gender inclusive housing each year?

Students that are required to live on campus per the University Residency Requirement, or current students that wish to continue living on campus, must sign the Housing Agreement each academic year. As a result, if a student wants to continue living in gender inclusive housing, the request must be made for each academic year. Housing and Residence Life will not assume a student living in gender inclusive housing will want that same accommodation for the next year.