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Media Services

Media Services provides faculty, students and staff with an effective and efficient source of classroom media equipment, media software, media planning and procurement, distance learning, and video/web conferencing.

The university offers a variety of specialty print services for students, faculty, and departments.


Students:  Please visit Ezra Lehman Memorial Library (lower level) for self-service printing and copying in both black and white and color options.
Departments/Faculty/Staff:  Please contact the University Print Shop.

Specialty Size/Media Printing

Available in Grove Hall 008 (Media Services office).

Up to 11"x17" printing, on plain paper or specialty paper (supplied by individual). - $0.50 per copy


Students:  Please visit the Project Center in the CUB.
Departments/Faculty/Staff:  Please contact the University Print Shop.

Poster Printing

Color posters up to 40" wide by up to 6 ft. long.

Students:  Please visit the Project Center in the CUB.
Departments/Faculty/Staff:  Please contact the University Print Shop.

Poster Mounting

Available in Grove Hall 008 (Media Services office).

On 3/16" Foam Board (heat sensitive) - 30"x40" - $6.00 each
On 3/16" Foam Board - 40"x60" - $13.00 each


Media Services offers 3D printing services in Grove Hall 008 for projects and assignments! Using a high quality Ultimaker 3D printer, we can provide two-color or one-color prints with supporting material.

Maximum size of printable object is 8.5”w X 8.5”l X 7.9”h. Customer must provide the .stl file to be printed; we do not provide the computer aided design software.

Cost schedule

*based on cost of materials and time to print, which can range from 2-48 hours depending on size and complexity. Cost is based on using PLA material in various colors.  Other materials are available at slightly higher cost.

  • Set up and material fee:  $10
  • Hourly printing fee:  $2 per hour

As a complex print may take 24-48 hours to complete, allow ample time for completion of project.

Also, there can  be numerous failures in the printing process, during which a print has to be tweaked and restarted. During busy times of the semester, allow ample production time.

Media Services makes available a variety of data projectors, adapters, and other presentation and multimedia equipment for short-term lending for both on-campus and off-campus use.

Available equipment includes:

  • LCD data projectors
  • Laptop/tablet project
  • Portable projection screens
  • Video playback decks (VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray)
  • CD audio players

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance by contacting Media Services at 717-477-1647 or

Media Services can assist students, faculty and staff with producing video and audio projects. We offer help in the areas of simple video production techniques including scripting, storyboarding, recording, and editing of video/audio productions.

Media Services has up-to-date workstations available to faculty and students that can be used for self-service editing and production with skilled help available if needed. The workstations contain a wide variety of hardware and software tools to assist in the production process.

We also offer standard video/audio conversions from various media to digital format.

Please stop by Media Services in Grove Hall 008 for assistance.  You can also call 717-477-1647 or e-mail

Media Services offers a variety of audio and video digital conversion services, including:

  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS to digital media file
  • MiniDV or SD to DVD
  • MiniDV or SD to digital media file
  • Digital media file to

Media Services maintains the university's videoconferencing facilities, which are available to faculty, staff and students for a variety of distance learning and web conferencing needs.

Video conferencing facilities include:

  • Lehman Library 205 - 40-seat full function video conferencing room
    Scheduled by Lehman Library (
  • Lehman Library 204 - 10-seat conference table-style video conferencing room
    Scheduled by Lehman Library (
  • Grove Hall 006 - 27-seat full function video conferencing room
    Scheduled by contacting Media Services (717-477-1647 or
  • Grove Hall 401 - 25-seat full function video conferencing room
    Scheduled by the John L. Grove College of Business (717-477-1435)
  • Shippen Hall 140 - 35-seat full function video conferencing room
    Scheduled by the College of Education & Human Services (717-477-1373)

Please make requests for video conferencing rooms at least one week in advance to allow for proper equipment set up. You will need to supply complete information on the far sites you wish to connect to, including IP addresses, contact information, etc. Usually a test call (especially if to a site not connected to before) will be made in advance of the scheduled video conference to insure connectivity.

Media Services supports the Campus Media & Broadcasting unit in their offering of a fully-equipped television studio. The studio is available for video production, and is used by the Communications/Journalism department for teaching courses in television and radio production. It is also utilized by student-run organizations, such as SUTV, for weekly productions.

The studio is open to campus departments for various uses including mini-productions, simulations, and self-evaluations.

The studio contains several video editing suites, three studio cameras, teleprompter system, two stages, green screen, and audio.  The studio has the capability to broadcast to local Comcast stations for university sporting events, ceremonies, SUTV productions, and more.

On Campus Viewing - Channel 82
Comcast - Channel 21

For more information or to schedule the studio, please contact 717-477-1647 or

Media Services Staff

Scott Donald
Multimedia Support Specialist

(717) 477-1647

Dan Rebert
Desktop/Remote Support Specialist

(717) 477-4357

Contact the Technology Help Desk WALK-IN LOCATIONS Student Help Desk: Lehman Library Faculty/Staff Help Desk: MCT 071 Phone: 717-477-4357 Fax: (717) 477-1427