Coaching Minor

The Coaching Minor is ideal for students interested in coaching organized sports at all levels of competition.

What Will I Learn?

The minor prepares you on the mechanical, physiological and psychological aspects of effective coaching. You will gain practical experience to prepare to work with athletes of all ages within a framework of safe and ethical coaching practices.

What are the requirements for this degree?

The Coaching Minor is open to undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculating students. Interested students must have a GPA of 2.0.

The program is 19 credits across six courses and you must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses to complete the minor successfully.

The Undergraduate Catalog provides details about program requirements.

Many of our students enroll in the Coaching Minor to supplement their chosen major, which can be a stepping stone to many career options. For example:

  • Elementary education and secondary education majors are trained to teach during the day and coach after school.
  • Biology majors have gone on to graduate school to study exercise physiology after graduation from Ship.
  • Psychology majors have gone on to graduate school in sport psychology.
  • Business majors have gone on to graduate school in sport management and marketing.

This minor does not prepare teachers to teach physical education classes in a school setting.

Students who also have an interest in exercise science may complete an additional 12 credits to earn an Exercise Science Minor.

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

This minor is ideal for anyone interested in coaching for a school district or for a college. It is also helpful for anyone who intends to work within a recreational or leisure sport environment involving athletics. Specific settings where a Coaching Minor is useful include:

  • Youth sport
  • Junior/senior high school sports
  • College sports
  • Community leagues
  • Sport clubs
  • Sport camps

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have on Campus?

Classes at Ship are small, allowing you to connect with faculty. This personalized attention ensures you get the most out of the program. The curriculum incorporates extensive applied instruction. There is also an internship experience opportunity in which students can be paired with a high school or university coach.