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The Learning Center 

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Who We Are

The Learning Center is the university's primary academic resource center and is FREE to all Ship students. It is located on the first floor of Mowrey Hall, also known as The Student Success Center. Our goal at the Learning Center is to help students develop skills and strategies that will enable them to become independent, active learners. 

We provide a variety of services, including course-based tutoring, writing tutoring, and Learning Specialists. We can help you review course material, enhance your writing knowledge, and improve your study skills. Our tutors are well-trained peers and our specialists are professional staff who know how to help you succeed. Whether you feel you need extra help or just want to extend your learning in a social environment, the Learning Center can help. Would you like to meet our professional staff?


This is a brief overview of each service offered through the Learning Center. Please select a service for more information:

  • Course-based Tutoring

    Peer tutors are trained to provide undergraduate-level content support in most general education courses and many upper-level disciplinary courses. This service is available to all undergraduate students, provided that we can identify a tutor for your course.
  • Writing Tutoring 

    Peer tutors are educated to provide undergraduate-level writing support across writing assignments, courses, and disciplines. This service is available to all undergraduate students who are working on a writing assignment or wish to develop their writing. 
  • The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) 

    The Graduate Writing Center is housed within the Learning Center. Graduate consultants are educated to provide graduate-level writing support for writing assignments across courses and disciplines. This service is available to all graduate students.
  • Learning Specialists

    Professional staff help students identify and overcome barriers or improve their study habits using study tools, knowledge, and strategies. This service is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • CAPS (Continuing Academic Progress and Success)

    Professional staff and graduate assistants are trained to provide academic assistance to students on academic probation. The CAPS program was formerly known as AIM, CYS, or PACES. Participation in this program is by invitation only.

How to Schedule

Undergraduate Students


To schedule an in-person course-based tutoring, writing tutoring, or Learning Specialist appointment, visit Navigate.  Please click here for scheduling instructions

Once you confirm your appointment, check your Ship email account for a confirmation email. The confirmation email will ask you to meet your tutor in person or join using the Zoom link provided.

If you cannot find your Zoom link, or if you cannot find a tutor for your specific course, please contact You may also call 717-477-1420 or visit Mowrey Hall during business hours during the Fall or Spring academic semesters.

In an effort to serve all students, we ask that you please do not schedule back-to-back appointments for the same service. We encourage distributed learning, which involves study sessions of relatively short duration (1-hour or less) over a period of time.

Graduate Students


For graduate writing appointments, visit the Graduate Writing Center page.

To schedule a Learning Specialist appointment, visit Navigate, and click here for scheduling instructions.



If you are not able to attend your course-based tutoring, writing tutoring, or Learning Specialist appointment in person, you have the option to join using the Zoom link provided in your appointment confirmation. Please follow these instructions and guidelines to access your Zoom appointment. 

If you do not have the proper equipment for Zoom, please visit the technology resources page. Please be sure to have the appropriate technology by the time of your appointment. 

Class Visits

Faculty and staff can request a class visit from a Learning Center representative by visiting the Faculty Resources tab

Contact the Learning Center Student Success Center, Mowrey Hall, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1420
Open Monday–Thursday 10am–9pm, Friday 10am-4pm, and Sunday 5pm–9pm