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Training Program

The University Counseling Center serves as a training site for graduate-level counseling students pursuing a career path towards becoming a licensed professional counselor, particularly for those interested in the college counseling profession. We regard training and supervision as an integral part of our mission. The following training positions are offered at the University Counseling Center:

  • Masters-level Field I/ Field II in College Counseling (clinical trainee)

Application Process

To apply for a training position at the Counseling Center, you must first complete the application found here.

Applicants must first meet all eligibility requirements of their graduate program. Two-semester commitments are preferred as well as a career interest in the college counseling profession. Please submit the application along with a cover letter and resume to the UCC following the timeline below. You should also include at least one reference from someone who has supervised your clinical work. Qualified candidates will be interviewed and this process will continue until positions are filled.

Fall 2024 Field Experience
Spring 2025 Field Experience

Fall GA Positions
Spring GA Positions
Summer GA Positions

April 15, 2024
October 31, 2024


Specific Procedures for Field Applicants:

  • Students will first talk to teaching faculty/advisors about their needs and interests with regard to field placement.
  • If students have preliminary questions about a clinical placement at the Counseling Center, they should contact Dr. Linda Chalk, Training Coordinator (see contact information below).
  • Interested students will need to submit all required paperwork, including our application form, a cover letter, resume, one reference from someone who has supervised your clinical work, as well as departmental field forms, to Dr. Linda Chalk. The deadline for submitted information for Fall 2024 placement is April 15, 2024.
  • Selected applicants will then be interviewed by at least two Counseling Center faculty members.
  • Following interviews, all candidates will be contacted about our decision.
  • The final decision will be made by the Counseling Center Training Coordinator after consultation with other faculty members.

Please Note: In order to meet ethical guidelines of both ACA and APA, the following policy statement regarding dual relationships has been instituted by the University Counseling Center:The UCC offers services to Shippensburg University students, but the possibility of a dual relationship may prevent counseling services from being provided to you. This is determined on a case by case basis.

Contact Information for Field Positions:

Dr. Linda Chalk, Training Coordinator

Clinical Program Components

The training program is designed to provide graduate trainees with opportunities to facilitate growth as future college counselors. Field students will primarily be engaged in individual counseling with clients appropriate to their level of experience, with attention to overall developmental level, growth potential, and the student's openness to challenge. They will receive weekly individual supervision and are expected to participate in weekly case consultation meetings. Additional supervision and consultation will be available and provided as needed. Training and professional development opportunities, both formal (i.e., training on record keeping) and informal (i.e., observation of senior staff functioning and case presentations), will be available. We will make every attempt to match our offerings to current students' needs and goals. Administrative duties include: record keeping (e.g., intake evaluations, progress notes, etc.) and case management (decisions made with supervisor). Opportunities for consultation, outreach, crisis contact, and co-facilitation of groups may exist, but will be fully supervised and depended on the student's readiness.

Training Positions at The University Counseling Center

Masters-level Counseling Intern/Advanced Intern in College Counseling

Field internships are available for graduate students with a priority given to those students with career aspirations of college counseling. These positions are typically 20 hours per week during two consecutive fifteen week semesters with up to 10-12 weekly individual counseling contacts. Priority may be given to those interns who can make a two-semester commitment. Specialized training experiences may be developed consistent with trainee goals/experiences and supervisor availability. All interns receive a minimum of one hour per week of individual supervision.

Contact the University Counseling Center Wellness Center, Naugle Hall - Ground Floor 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA  17257 Phone: 717-477-1481 Fax: (717)-477-4041
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm, For After-Hours Emergencies call Campus Police at 717-477-1444