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Insurance Information

Prior to arriving on campus consider contacting your insurance provider to discuss your medical facility options while away at Shippensburg University. This will allow you to know your options for insured specialty or emergency services in the area.

Read more about health insurance in Pennsylvania.

Shippensburg University no longer offers student health insurance plans. All students are expected to have health insurance to cover services outside the Etter Health Center, such as labs, x-rays, and specialty services.

If you need to look for your own coverage, the ACA provides a couple of ways to do this. You may purchase coverage through the health insurance marketplace. Information is available at Several different health plans are available through the marketplace, and plans are available at different costs for different levels of service.

Health insurance and coverage can be confusing, but there are some helpful resources to assist in making medical coverage less ambiguous.

If you have any questions about your coverage we advise you ask your parent, call or check your insurance company’s website.

Financial Responsibility

Students and parents are financially responsible for all medical expenses incurred for treatment beyond that provided in the Health Center. The University assumes no financial responsibility for care you receive off-campus. It is recommended that each student be covered by some type of quality private health and accident insurance. Athletic insurance coverage is provided for members of the University athletic teams, but it applies only to injuries which occur in team practices and competitions during the particular sports season. (Note: extracurricular and intramural sports are NOT covered by the athletic policy.) Therefore, athletes should also have quality private insurance. A private provider insurance company that is contracted by Shippensburg University can provide basic coverage. Information regarding this plan is available through University Health Services. Since an uninsured injury or sickness might impair the student's ability to continue because of financial loss, the University believes health insurance coverage is of the utmost importance.

Any questions about Etter Health Center, healthcare, or insurance should be addressed to (717) 477-1458.