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Over-the-Counter Medication

Certain conditions need the attention of a health care professional while other conditions, such as colds, can be self-treated. To encourage self-responsibility for your health care, we have a self-care unit which allows you to treat your minor health conditions. If you can safely treat yourself, over-the-counter (OTC) medications are supplied in the self-care room. OTC medications are available during the health center's hours of operation. At this time, if you would like to utilize over-the-counter medication from the self-care room, you need to call the Health Center and request this service. 

The OTC medication is available at no cost to eligible students residing on campus. If you are prescribed or recommended an OTC medication that is not available at the Health Center, you will need to purchase the medication at a pharmacy.

If crutches or braces are recommended, these can usually be borrowed from the Health Center.