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The quiz tool can be used to assess your students through quizzes and exams.  You will have access to a verity of different question types as you build each quiz.  You'll have two options for creating quizzes.  1) Create the quiz through the Quizzes tool or 2) You can create the quiz right from within the content area.  The guides below will explain each option.

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How to Create a Quiz from the Quiz Tool

This is the recommended way to create and edit your Quizzes. From the quiz tool you can see all of your quizzes and organize them. Students will also have access to the Quiz area. From the Quiz area you can create and edit your quizzes.

1. Enter the course where you'd like to create a quiz.

2. Click More Tools/Quizzes (1) in the course navbar.  (Note: You can also access the Quiz Tool by clicking Course Admin/Quizzes)

3. The Quizzes page will load. If you have already created quizzes it will have them listed. Your students will see the quizzes as they are listed on this page. If you want to edit the settings of an existing quiz follow this link. 

To continue creating a new quiz, click New Quiz.

4. Now the Edit Quiz page will load. This will allow you to edit the settings of your quiz. See this page for more information about editing Quiz settings.

5. Click Save and Close when finished.

Creating a Quiz from The Content Area

  1. Enter the course where you'd like to create a quiz.
  2. Click Content in the course navbar.
  3. Click Upload / Create in the module where you'd like the students to complete the quiz.
  4. Click New Quiz in the drop down menu.
  5. Enter a Title for the Quiz
  6. Enter Instructions (Optional)
  7. 7. Click Save
  8. You should now see a screen similar to the one below.  Click Quiz Setup
  9. From here you can review and edit the settings on the Properties tab, Restrictions tab, Assessments tab, Objectives tab, etc.
    • Questions are added through the Properties Tab
    • Availability Dates are added through the Restrictions Tab
    • Grade item associations are made through the Assessment Tab.