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Student Employment

The Microcomputer Labs Department offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities to both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at Shippensburg University.

Lab Attendant Positions (Undergraduate)

Our department employs around 10 talented, dedicated undergraduate students each semester to serve as lab attendants in our public computer labs. Lab Attendant job duties and requirements include:

  • Assisting students, upon request, with the general use of computer hardware and software in the lab.
  • Assisting students with common computer and IT issues upon request, including fielding questions regarding e-mail, passwords, and other computer/network services provided by the university.
  • Maintaining computer lab hardware and software functionality, including the functionality of PCs, monitors, printer, projectors, etc.  Reporting issues to a supervisor when a problem requires additional technical expertise.
  • Monitoring lab activity and usage.
  • Monitoring and reporting lab supply usage and needs, including stocking printer paper and other supplies.
  • Directing students to the appropriate department or person when they are unable to assist.
  • Ensuring that the microcomputer lab remains a quiet, productive workplace for all students.
  • Ensuring that the microcomputer lab remains a clean, work-friendly environment.
  • Working closely with other lab attendants and graduate assistance to ensure full coverage of our facilities.

Students who have been awarded federal work-study through the Financial Aid office are encouraged to apply. Please see the Financial Aid web site for complete details on work-study opportunities.

Current position vacancies are posted on the SHIP Career Connection site. Please look for the "Microcomputer Lab Attendant" position.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Our department also offers rewarding opportunities to graduate students at Shippensburg University.  Technology Services Graduate Assistants assist the department in managing the undergraduate student employees, creating work schedules, dealing with work substitutions, and also serve as the primary contacts for our facilities.

Graduate Assistantships are offered through the Office of Graduate Studies and offer students a full tuition waiver for 9 credits if they meet all the requirements of the position. Graduate Assistants are required to work 225-250 hours during the semester to be eligible for this waiver.

The Technology Services unit offers several graduate assistant positions. Available positions typically post to the web in September and March, although vacant positions can become available at other times as well.  To check for available positions and to apply, log on to the myShip student portal at and follow the links for Graduate Assistant positions.

Contact the Technology Help Desk WALK-IN LOCATIONS Student Help Desk: Lehman Library Faculty/Staff Help Desk: MCT 071 Phone: 717-477-4357 Fax: (717) 477-1427