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Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare highly effective professional practitioners who are ethical and culturally competent. We emphasize development of the whole person by grounding learners in current research, direct experience, personal development and social equity. Graduates possess a strong identity as counselors and student affairs professionals.

Program Objectives

The Master’s program in the Department of Counselor Education will:

  1. Prepare students who are competent, ethical, and effective practitioners.
  2. Provide coursework and field experiences necessary for obtaining professional certification and/or licensure, as applicable, and vocational success.
  3. Provide learning opportunities and experiences to prepare culturally-competent professionals.
  4. Produce graduates who demonstrate wellness, self-awareness, and resiliency.
  5. Produce graduates with identities as professional practitioners in their respective field (clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and college counseling and student affairs).

Core Values and Key Dispositions

Overarching Core Value: The development of healthy identities for Counselor Educators, Professional Counselors, and College Student Affairs Professionals.

We at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania value that our identities are intersecting and firmly grounded in Counselor Education and Supervision. We focus on wellness as a paradigm of self-care and growth that guides our presuppositions for counselor training and college student affairs development. We strive to be self-reflective educators, practitioners, and students who value relationships and the ever-evolving nature of our professional identities. To this end we endorse four key core values that guide our integration of key dispositions.

Demonstrate a commitment to engagement as social justice advocates and practitioners

  • Demonstrate thoughtful cultural and socially just decision making and action oriented advocacy that benefits persons from diverse communities in our departmental, college, university, and societal communities

Demonstrate a commitment to engagement in the profession of Counselor Education and Supervision

  • Engage in active and leadership in the profession starting in the classroom and extending to professional development opportunities at workshops and conferences
  • Engage in creative scholarship across venues that include the classroom, professional conferences, college, and university learning communities
  • Engage in a sustained focus on theory, research, and clinical practice that positively impacts learning and diverse communities

Demonstrate a commitment to engagement in Professional Ethical Standards

Demonstrate a commitment to engagement in Advanced Learning Communities

  • Engage in self-reflection, open communication, be a positive role model and active participant in the development and maintenance of a healthy inclusive learning environment
  • Value engagement in and the development of relationships with healthy boundaries grounded in honesty and integrity in and outside of the cohort and shared model of training and education
Contact the Department of Counselor Education Shippen Hall 123 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 1725 Phone: 717-477-1668