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Submission and Review Process

To assure anonymity during the review process, the cover page of the manuscript must include only the title of the article. The subsequent pages should have no references to the authors. There should not be any Acknowledgments in the manuscript; these will be added to the document if the manuscript is accepted for publication.

  1. A faculty mentor and student researcher(s) work to design and execute the project. The student submits the manuscript to the mentor for review and editing. The review process must start with the faculty mentor and a manuscript should only be submitted after the mentor is satisfied that the submission meets the highest standards in the field. We suggest that the manuscript be reviewed by at least one other faculty member in the department before it is submitted.

  2. Manuscripts are submitted in the correct format (see General Guidelines and Instructions to Authors) to  Submitted manuscripts which are not in the correct format will be returned for format compliance prior to the review process.
  4. The KJUR managing editors receive the manuscript and assign a manuscript number (Year-Number, e.g. 2013-06) and then forward to the appropriate associate editor.  If a conflict of interest exists an alternate associate editor will be selected.
  6. The associate editor is responsible for finding three reviewers for each manuscript.  Editors may choose to serve as one of the reviewers.  No more than two reviewers can be from the same campus and each manuscript must have three reviewers related to the discipline.
  8. Reviewers will complete a reviewer form and provide feedback as stated on the form.  All changes suggested to the manuscript should be tracked using the reviewing toolbar in MS Word, comments should be inserted using the same toolbar.  Summary comments should be added to the reviewer form.
  10. Reviewers will return the completed review with appropriate comments to the associate editor within four weeks of receiving the manuscript; it is recommended that reviewed manuscripts be returned within two weeks.  The editor will then provided feedback and a summary of the reviewers’ comments to the managing editors along with their recommendation regarding acceptance for KJUR following letter “G” on the reviewer recommendation form (1- Accept in current form; 2- Accept with revisions; 3- Reject.)
  12. The managing editor will contact the student author and faculty mentor (or current contact) regarding the decision on the manuscript.
  14. Revised manuscripts should be resubmitted to within 30 days of the initial manuscript review decision.  All correspondence with the editors must include the manuscript number in the subject line of the email.
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