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Writing Self-Assessment Placement Survey

All new students without college level English/Writing courses are required to take the English Writing Self-Assessment survey.

The English Placement Survey will help determine the best writing class for you, based on your own background and abilities as a reader and writer.  As you complete the survey, you'll reflect on your own experiences and level of comfort with the kinds of writing you will do in college classes.

After the Placement Survey

After you complete all three parts of the survey, you’ll see your survey score, along with descriptions of the courses you can choose from, ENG 113 or ENG 114. You must complete all questions in all three parts to see your score and submit the survey.

You should carefully consider which course you will be most successful in, based on your score. If you decide on an English course that is different from the one your score suggests, you’ll be contacted by the Director of Composition with the opportunity to discuss your decision and confirm your course. We can give you recommendations, however, the choice is ultimately up to you.

English Course Options

ENG 113: Introduction to Academic Writing

ENG 113 focuses on the writing process and introduces you to the kinds of critical and analytical writing that will be required in ENG 114.

In ENG 113, you will learn essential writing skills, such as the ability to generate ideas, create a clear and focused argument, develop focused paragraphs, use sources and create error-free sentences. There will also be a sustained focus on grammar and usage so that students are better prepared for the rigor of ENG 114.

This course counts towards your 120 credits for graduation as a free elective. (Not all majors have free electives.) Upon completion of this course with a C or better, you will enroll in ENG 114.

Typically, ENG 113 students:

  • may have limited experience writing essays, usually only a few short essays (1-3 pages)
  • may not be used to reading longer written texts such as books or articles
  • may still be working on developing their skills in grammar, mechanics, or spelling
  • may find it challenging to focus or concentrate on a writing project, and to work independently, over an extended period of time
  • may have limited experience in drafting and revising their own writing

ENG 114: Academic Writing

In ENG 114, students work to develop and refine four key skills: writing, reading, discussion, and critical thinking. Students learn to communicate more effectively as writers and learn to read, discuss, and think more deeply and successfully.

ENG 114 introduces some university resources, such as the library (with a focus on information literacy) and the Writing Studio. Students will focus on process writing, which includes composing several drafts, revising, editing, and proofreading within a small, writing intensive course. 

This course fulfills the General Education writing requirement.

Typically, ENG 114 students:

  • Have experience writing several essays in high school of 3 or more typed pages
  • Feel comfortable reading longer academic textbooks, other books, or articles
  • Can usually identify and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling
  • Can usually stay focused on a project, working independently or with others
  • Feel comfortable developing and revising a writing project over several drafts
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