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Nontraditional Student Programs

Throughout each semester, programs are offered to address the unique needs and interests of nontraditional students. Examples of these programs include managing stress and time, balancing roles, academic success, relaxation, cookouts, leadership retreats and more.


New nontraditional students enter the university each semester. The advisor and current members of the NTSO plan specific programs in conjunction with the university’s orientation program that attempt to welcome students and address needs and concerns that are unique to this population.

Open House

During open houses, nontraditional students are offered the opportunity to meet other nontraditional Students, visit the NTSO Lounge, and explore leadership opportunities for nontraditional students over light refreshments.

Leadership Reception

Each semester or year, a reception is planned to recognize leaders among the adult student population, graduating seniors, and those who have been inducted into Pinnacle, the national honor society for adult students.