Housing Forms

Request for Exemption of the Two Year Housing Agreement for 2023-2024
Note: Use this form if you are a current student and wish to be exempt from the two year requirement per the policy.

Request to Cancel Housing by June 1, 2023 for academic year 2023-2024 *
Use the request to be cancel housing before June 1, 2023. Use this form if you are an incoming or returning student in the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 and have already signed a housing agreement. Housing deposits are non-refundable.  You must be exempt of the two-year requirement to be considered for cancellation. 

Request to be Released from Housing 2022-2023 academic year.  Use this form if you are an incoming or returning student in the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 and have already signed a housing agreement and it is after June 1, 2022. You must be exempt of the two-year requirement to be considered for release. 

Request for a One Semester Housing Agreement Fall 2023 *(Academic Year 2023-2024)  This form is for students who are Graduating in December 2023, Student Teaching in the Spring semester of 2024, or Studying Abroad in the Spring semester of 2024.
Summer Housing Agreements

Information about summer internship housing for summer 2023 will be released in February.

Summer Intern Housing Agreement Form (non-SU students) *
Summer Intern Housing Application  (non-SU students) *

Hall Check-Out
To properly check out of the residence hall a student should complete a withdrawal from residence hall form**, room condition report**, and turn in the room key to the residence life staff in the building.  The mailbox key should be returned to the CUB UPS Center.  It is also recommended students turn in the SU ID at University Police and notify their academic dean if they are going on a leave of absence or withdrawaling from the university.  Any student who checks into the residence hall and checks out before the end of the term of the housing agreement must complete a blue withdrawal from residence hall form.  This form is used to processing the billing for the room, so it is very important to complete it and check out in a timely manner.

Room Change Forms**
After the second week of classes each semester (once students are settled into their rooms) students can request room changes through the residence life staff in their building. This is the RA (Resident Assistant or RD (Resident Director).  The Housing Office will review the request and email the students if approved with further instructions.  Billing is prorated on the date the change is approved and students are asked to move within 24 to 48 hours.

Special Housing Request Forms
     Request for a single room in McLean Hall for Spring 2023

 Note: Returning students will be offered single communal rooms in McLean Hall during the online room selection processes in the MyHousing portal.  Once these rooms are filled you will be able to complete a form here for the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 academic year.  Cost of a single room is 1.5 times the communal room rate.

     Living Learning Community Application
     Gender Inclusive Housing Fall 2023
     Student Temporary Housing Request  Please review the policy for Student Temporary Housing before completing your request.

Room Reservation Forms
     Harley Hall Multi-purpose Room - MPR
     Naugle Hall Multi-purpose Room - MPR

Maintenance Forms
     Damage and Billing Appeal
     Maintenance Request

    * Not currently Available
  ** Obtained and submitted to the residence life staff in your building