Housing Instructions

Incoming and Returning  Housing Students
Incoming students will complete the housing agreement and $200 deposit in the Admission's portal first. 

Students will use the MyHousing portal within MyShip to complete their housing.
Go to:  MyShip, Student, Ship Life, Connect to MyHousing. 

Returning students who do not have a housing agreement for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 will be offered housing on October 25, 2021.  Students can sign the housing agreement.  They will receive an email invitation to MyCollegeRoomie.  Within 24-48 hours of signing the agreement they will be added to the room selection process. 

Students should match roommate/s first.  The first of the matching students to select a room will pull the other students into the room.  Students will see available rooms and what becomes available until they are assigned.  If students do not select their own rooms the Housing Office will continue to watch for their room type preferences and assign them to a room at some point before May 1st.  in the MyHousing portal and enter their preferences. Any preferences not in the portal can be communicated by email to housing@ship.edu.    

Incoming Students will sign the housing agreement or commuter/exemption in the Admissions Portal.  Shortly after becoming a housing student each student will receive an invitation to MyCollegeRoomie.  Once a student determines who they want to live with they can match roommates in the appropriate room selection process.  There are several incoming room selection processes for different Living learning communities and general freshman rooms.  The first of the matching roommates to select a room will pull the others into the room.  Please make sure you are in agreement of the room type before selecting a room.  Students who do not select their own rooms will be placed by the Housing Office at some point before billing in July, 2022.  Students can see available rooms until they are assigned, so if you do not see the room type you want, you can wait to see if anything becomes available until you are assigned.

Graduate Students  Incoming graduate students can complete the housing agreement in the Admissions portal and current graduate students can sign the housing agreement in the MyHousing portal.  The Housing Office will make graduate student assignments in Mowrey Hall and post the information in the MyHousing portal.