Incoming Student Housing Instructions - Fall 2023

You may be required to live in university housing:

Incoming students will complete the Incoming Student Housing Agreement and pay the $200 deposit in the Admissions Portal or complete the Exemption/Commuter Agreement.  Exemption agreements will be reviewed by the Housing Office.  Students who may not be exempt will be notified by email at the Ship email account. 

After completing the agreement and deposit students receive an email at the SU email account with information to join MyCollegeRoomie to look for roommates.  It is important to locate your roommates first and then select a room in either a Living Learning Community or a freshman room in Naugle, Seavers, or McLean Hall.

Housing is completed within the MyHousing portal.  Go to: MyShip, Student, Ship Life, Connect to MyHousing.  Within the portal students can use the roommate/room selection tab to request roommates and pick into rooms.  Students will be allowed to do room changes after the second week of classes in the fall, so rooms should be chosen carefully as the room type will vary for billing purposes.

Room selections will be available for Living Learning Community (LLC) beginning in November 2022 and shortly after signing the housing agreement and paying the deposit.  You can live in an LLC and have a roommate who is participating or not participating.  If students mutually match a student who is not participating, the participating student must select the room.  If you feel you are eligible for an LLC and do see it in the room selection area of your portal please contact the Housing Office at:

Room selection for regular freshman rooms will begin on February 28, 2023.  The deadline to request a roommate is May 1, 2023.  All students who do not select a room will be placed at the end of the process (approximately May 1, 2023) according to preferences listed in the MyHousing portal. 

Once a student has selected into a room this will be the assignment for opening in the fall.  Prior to May 1, 2023 students can request to be removed from their assignment and put back in the room selection process to select again.  Students are not guaranteed specific room type, hall, room, or LLC, but will be choosing from rooms still available.

After May 1st students are asked to remain in their room assignments until the second week of classes in the fall. There are a number of reasons the Housing Office is not able to accommodate later room changes; 1) students are shopping for mutually belongings 2) it would change the bills, and 3) early arrivals are beginning to check-in etc.  Once everyone is settled in (after 2 weeks) students can contact the residence life staff, resident director or resident assistant, of their building to coordinate room changes.

Students who are not required to live in university housing can request to cancel their housing by June 1st.  After June 1, 2023 students can request to be released from housing.  Both forms are online at:  In order to cancel or be released from housing students must be exempt from the two year requirement.