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Duties & Responsibilities


Not sure what a Desk Assistant does? This is the list of duties and responsibilities that we expect each DA to uphold through their position.

Desk Assistants should understand the importance of their role to contribute to the safety and community of the residence hall. They are to be well informed about Shippensburg University, serve as a referral resource for students and visitors, and display a positive, pleasant attitude.   

Availability and Coverage

Desk Assistants need to be available to work at least one shift every two to three weekends as scheduling needs dictate. Other employment activities, extra-curricular activities and personal commitments must not interfere with Desk Assistant responsibilities. This means being flexible, available, and willing to schedule for various desk shifts as the need arises. Desk Assistants need to be available each semester a few days before the residence halls open for Fall and Winter training. This includes necessary training on various desk policies and preparation for the opening of the residence halls for incoming and returning students.


In order to assure the safety and security of residence hall students, giving out any information regarding resident room numbers is strictly prohibited. In accordance with the Buckley Amendment of 1974, only staff members have access to the room/campus rosters. At no time should the name of a person be given based on a room number.

Only authorized university staff members may request information without adherence to the above stated policy. Authorized staff members include Resident Assistants of the building, any Residence Director, any Assistant Director, the Associate Director, an Associate Dean of Students, student affairs staff members, and University Police Officers. Additionally, visitation and equipment log books are restricted to Desk Assistant use only, and at no time should non-staff members have access to or sign in to these log books.

At times Desk Assistants may be privy to confidential information regarding building incidents that may happen while they are on shift. Such information must not be shared with anyone except your Residence Director or necessary Housing and Residence Life or Dean of Students staff member.

Safety and Security

Desk Assistants are to confirm students live in the hall by checking the student ID and to sign in any guests. Residents must use their student ID card to gain access to the building and Desk Assistants are not permitted to release the front door by remote unless the individual calls the front desk to ask for admittance and only if that individual lives in the residence hall. As a reminder, all residents must carry their identification card on them at all times. At no time will door knocking be permitted to gain entrance into the residence hall. 

Equipment Sign-Out


Desk Assistants are responsible for issuing and taking care of all residence hall equipment available at the front desk while they are on duty. Desk Assistants may be held financially responsible for the loss and damage of equipment that occurs while on duty in the event that equipment sign-out procedure is not properly followed. Students must be listed on the RHA Equipment Eligibility list to be eligible to sign out and use equipment. Identification cards with building stickers must be collected from residents whenever equipment is signed out.  Equipment must be checked to make sure it is operational before and after it is signed out.

Other Assigned Duties


At various times your Residence Director or the Housing and Residence Life Office may require Desk Assistants to perform tasks while on duty.  These duties may include administrative tasks, making announcements for various programs or situations, quiet hours announcements, checking/inventory of hall equipment, or other duties as needed by the RD.


If you would like to review the Desk Assistant work agreement and expectations, please contact the DA Selection committee.