Shippensburg University Campus Farm

In May of 2014, the Shippensburg University Farm moved to a new location close to campus on Britton Road just down from the parking lot behind the Spiritual Formation Center and new chilling plant. The plot is owned by the Shippensburg Township which has agreed to let Shippensburg farm on the land for twenty years. The farm has been used for research and volunteer opportunities by the biology, geography/earth science, and social work departments as well as the Shippensburg University Counseling Center, freshmen orientation groups, and Living Learning Communities within the dormitories. In addition to providing an outdoor educational experience for Shippensburg students, the farm has hosted volunteers from local elementary, middle, and high schools, Girl Scout troops, and residents of a nearby independent living community. In 2014 the farm donated 516 pounds of produce to Shippensburg Produce Outreach, an organization providing free fresh produce to Shippensburg residents in need every Tuesday night. Students of the Shippensburg Area Middle School planted pumpkins on the farm after starting them in their classroom and they produced 183 pounds of pumpkins. This year the farm provided 113 pounds of produce for the Dining Services, most of which was fresh bunches of swiss chard. In exchange for fresh produce the dining services helps fund the farm so it can afford new seeds, tools, and other supplies. The 812 pounds of produce harvested was grown as sustainable as possible by not using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and recycling and reusing where possible. 

The campus organic farm was established in August 2012. SU Farms was officially senate recognized as a club February 2013.

In Fall 2013 the S.U. Campus Farm received the PERC Sustainability Champion award!

Campus Farm Mission

The primary mission of the S.U. campus organic farm is to provide students with a hands-on learning environment where they can apply concepts learned in courses to practical situations that enable the campus and the community to improve sustainability and to provide fresh produce for campus dining services and community members in need.


We are located off Britton Road near the Burd Run Stream. You can walk through the Spiritual Formation Center parking lot from campus and down the road below the new chilling plant!



Contact Us

S.U. Farms Advisor: Dr. Heather Sahli, Biology Dept.,

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