StewardSHIP Week

As a result of the curriculum development InTeGrate grant, Shippensburg University faculty have been integrating new content and materials into their courses and together with staff they have been involved in planning a number of co-curricular programs to help Ship continue the effort of cultivating a future of sustainability on our campus. You can participate to be a better steward and help our campus and community move toward a more sustainable future.

Do my choices matter and can they make a difference?

StewardSHIP efforts, including your choice to become more educated about your impact definitely matters. The efforts of other students thus far are showing promise as noted in the graph below. Since we began asking students to anonymously complete the ecological footprint analysis and report their scores in December of 2015, our assessment is showing a promising trend. That is, students appear to not only be more motivated to reduce their ecological footprint, but an analysis of their lifestyle scores during the same time frame suggests participants might be working to reduce the yearly acreage of land necessary to support their lifestyles.

We have a long way to go to reach the global average acreage use (the United States is one of the top countries in terms of its ecological footprint per capita), so let's keep the trend going. Take the sustainability pledge, complete an ecological footprint assessment, and report your scores anonymously so we can see where we stand. Don't forget to participate in programs and activities during StewardSHIP Week.