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Shippensburg University Superintendent Study Council (SUSSC)

The mission of the Shippensburg University Superintendent Study Council is to improve instruction, to enhance collaboration among the membership, and to encourage excellence. Council resources will be used to assist member organizations perform and adapt more quickly, efficiently, and effectively to the needs and demands of their publics.

Goals and Objectives


  1. The basic goal of the SUSSC is the improvement of instruction. Efforts to achieve this goal have been directed toward the following activities:
  2. Recognition of outstanding instruction by honoring outstanding teachers as selected from and by the membership.
  3. Recognition of outstanding curriculum innovation by honoring exemplary programs.
  4. Providing all member organizations opportunities to send representatives to workshops that reflect membership instructional interests and needs.  These workshops are selected by the membership of the Council.
  5. Development of a positive working environment between Shippensburg University and member districts.


Numbers shows relationships to goals:

  1. To present an opportunity to each of the member organizations to honor outstanding teachers.
  2. To offer opportunities to secure from presenters of exemplary programs content information which may enhance the educational programs of the other districts.
  3. To provide opportunities to focus upon educational needs of members through activities established wherein exemplary programs, workshops, and symposiums are presented.
  4. To present member institutions with opportunities to send two (2) or more representatives at no cost to each of the SUSSC-sponsored events.
  5. To establish a functional, on-going relationship between Shippensburg University and the membership of the Shippensburg University Superintendent Study Council.
  6. To provide an avenue through which the resources of the Shippensburg University faculty are made available.

Faculty and Staff

Study Council Fall 2022 Programs
Study Council Spring 2023 Programs

Contact the Shippensburg University Superintendent Study Council Shippen Hall 127, Shippensburg University Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1591 Fax: (717) 477-4012