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Psychology Research

Psychology students at Ship can conduct research through courses, but experience outside the classroom goes a long way as well. Students may design their own research project and collaborate with faculty members. Volunteering to become a research assistant is another great way to get involved. It is also possible to do research as part of an internship.

Most graduate programs, especially doctoral programs, are research-intensive. Students have an advantage in applying for graduate school if they can show they are able to carry out research.

The Psychology Department’s professors are able to collaborate with students on a number of research opportunities.

Find out about their unique research interests.

Here are just a few examples of topics of student/faculty research projects:

  • Human error: The principle of skydiving fatalities
  • Interpersonal problems and affective experiences with parents.
  • The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire: A factor analysis and reliability test
  • Sports fans impressions of homosexual athletes
  • Discipline strategies and family structure: Adolescents perceptions and attitudes
  • Continuing studies of unconscious perception: How masking can affect detection performance
  • The orienting response in binge-drinking college population
  • Vagal tone and binge-drinking in a college population

Register and complete the Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers modules through

Forms, information, guidance and applications can be found through the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs.

Undergraduate Research Grants

  • Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit applications for independent research to be conducted during the academic year and summer months. This university-wide program has supported laboratory research, field activities, art projects, written works, and computer applications, and is funded by the Shippensburg University Foundation.

Graduate Research Grant Program

  • The Graduate Research Grant Program is designed to provide financial support to graduate students for research or scholarly activities related to their program of study to enable them to better understand the scientific process, experience discovery, develop their analytical and communication skills, and gain exposure to national ideas through the presentation of the results of their research at conferences.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

  • The purpose of SURE is twofold: to nurture student researchers and to provide faculty members with paid student research assistants during the summer. The program is open to all faculty members and to those undergraduate students not in their last semester.

Student/Faculty Research Engagement (SFRE)

  • Faculty in the College of Arts and Science can apply for these grants at the end of each semester. Funds from these grants can be used to support student research.

Dean's Office

  • If you have a large expense (like airfare to a national conference) that is not covered by an undergraduate research grant, the Office of the Dean might be able to help. Talk to your research mentor about applying for funding from the Dean.


  • This conference takes place near the end of the spring semester each year. Minds@Work offers Ship students the chance to present their work to the campus community and general public.

The Keystone Journal of Undergraduate Research

  • Housed here at Shippensburg, this journal is open to scholarly articles from the literary world. Only students enrolled at PASSHE schools can submit.

Eastern Psychological Association Conference

  • Many students in our department not only belong to the Eastern Psychological Association, but they also present research at the EPA’s annual conference.
Contact the Department of Psychology Franklin Science Center 114 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1657