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Study abroad is a fun and exciting way to enhance your education. International Studies comes alive when students visit a cloud forest in Costa Rica, a bazaar in Amman, the Great Wall in Beijing, or the European Parliament in Brussels. International Studies majors and minors are encouraged to study abroad, preferably for a full semester, because the experience is likely to lead to greater academic and professional success. Exposure to a new environment, unexpected situations, and people of a different culture enhances adaptability and deepens transferable skills including critical thinking, problem solving and foreign language fluency. In the age of globalization, resumes mentioning study abroad are attractive to employers because applicants with overseas experience can be trusted to interact with foreign clients, speak foreign languages more fluently, and take assignments requiring travel or living abroad.

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Brenda A. Brown Passport Scholarship

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Study Abroad in Asia 

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Center for International Learning in Oman

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