Study Abroad Program Options

Studying abroad offers exciting opportunities across the globe. Shippensburg University has many options for students who wish to experience learning in a different cultural.

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  • Australia
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  • Denmark
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  • New Zealand
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Where would you like to go?

If you meet the admissions requirements, you may apply directly to the overseas university after meeting with an advisor. Tuition, fees, housing, and other costs are paid directly to the university abroad based upon the required expenses of that particular school.


  • University of the Sunshine Coast: Opened in 1996, USC is one of Australia's newest universities. It is located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, on of the most beautiful regions in the country.
  • University of Wollongong: Located one hour south of Sydney along the famous "South Coast" of Australia, the University of Wollongong has it all - great beaches, cultural activities, sports, festivals, and a pleasant climate.


United Kingdom


  • University College Cork: UCC is located in the bustling town center of the city Cork. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland in which over 200,000 people live, and only 160 miles from Dublin.
  • University College Dublin: University College Dublin, often referred to as UCD, is the largest university in Ireland boasting over 20,000 students. Situated within central Dublin, UCD consists of many academic, residential and sports buildings.
  • University of Limerick: The University of Limerick has been hosting American study abroad students for over 15 years.

New Zealand

  • University of Canterbury: UC is located on a picturesque campus with modern teaching and research facilities. It is set in the heart of Christchurch, a city that has become a magnet for growth and innovation. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Alps, the region is packed with rolling hills, mountains, and waterways.

You will have the opportunity to participate in an Exchange Program if it suits your academic and cultural interests. The exchange programs offered at Shippensburg University are major specific, but allow students to pay normal Ship tuition/fees and then pay the host university for accommodation.

Business Majors

  • La Rochelle Business School (France): If you are a business major who is poised to thrive in the global economy, La Rochelle Business School in La Rochelle, France is the right choice for you. La Rochelle is the third largest tourist city in France. It is a port city located on the North Atlantic Coast of France, with its port being one of its main attractions. The student and faculty population in the town is 10,000, which makes the campus a lively place.

Humanities/Liberal Arts Majors

  • University of Lüneberg (Germany): All Ship students majoring in the liberal arts/humanities are welcome to study in Luneberg, Germany at the Leuphana: University of Luneberg.
  • University of Gothenburg (Sweden): Located on the western coast of Sweden, students will be able to learn in welcoming and unique environment. Gothenburg is the third oldest University in Sweden.
  • Soonchunhyang University (South Korea): The University is located in South Korea on the central west coast 1 1/2 hours from Seoul. Soonchunhyang University will provide a free room, partial reimbursement for your airfare and a weekly stipend. This is an opportunity for all majors to study Asian culture. Study Abroad Program Information can be found on their website.

Shippensburg University is affiliated with the following program providers. These programs offer study abroad opportunities to locations Shippensburg University does not have its own programs. You are free to use one of the program providers below or research other options. Guidance can be provided by an advisor to find a suitable program.

Students may also study abroad through other PA State System universities. Contact a study abroad advisor for more information.