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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to attend Shippensburg University and use your veteran benefits? Are you a current student and your degree plan will be interrupted due to active duty? Are you looking to transfer credits from another institution?

The Veteran Verification Office has answered questions and provided links to Shippensburg University’s policies that can provide clarity on our procedures.

Prospective Students

The Recruitment Process 

At Shippensburg University, our Admissions Team works hard to provide all of our Veteran and Military Affiliated students with information to help them make an informed and timely college decision.

Are there rules and regulations that guide admissions recruitment?

Yes! Shippensburg University's Admission Policies in compliance with NACAC rules and DOE regulation ban providing commission, bonuses, or other incentives for directly or indirectly enrolling Service members. For more on our recruiting practices, please contact Dr. Megan Luft, Executive Director of Admissions. 

How do transferring credits work? What are Ship's credit transfer policies?

Shippensburg University will first apply for as many college-level credits as possible toward the satisfaction of general education requirements, then to requirements in the major, and finally to elective credits. A course-by-course match will not be required for general education courses. Vocational, technical, and career courses may fulfill major curricular requirements or credits required for graduation in specific programs. Developmental and remedial coursework will not transfer.

Credit for Military Service

Shippensburg University awards undergraduate college credit for military education and occupational training based on the recommendation of the American Council on Education (ACE), which is outlined in the ACE Military Guide.

Students who have served in the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Veterans) should complete a transcript request for the Joint Services Transcript (JST) through the JST portal. Air Force personnel should complete a transcript request through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

For questions regarding your application, transfer of credits, or enrollment - please consult Damian Morales.

What should I do before I confirm my enrollment at Shippensburg University?

When deciding if Shippensburg University is the institution you would like to attend, we highly encourage Service members to receive approval from the students' ESO or military counselor prior to enrollment. 

How much does it cost to attend?

Veterans and military-affiliated students can use our College Financing Planning (Shopping Sheet) when examining costs associated with attending our institution. 

Disclosure Statement on Obtaining Credentials:

There are certain majors at Shippensburg University that may require additional requirements to obtain the appropriate credentials for licensure. Some of these include Accounting, Business Financial Planning, Counseling, Engineering,  Education, and Social Work. 

What should I do if I suspect my intended major might require additional requirements?

Please reach out to your academic department if you have questions about these additional credentials. Please note: you can receive a degree for these programs without taking the next steps for licensure. 

Current Students

Does Ship have specific career counseling for veterans? How can I get connected to career counseling?

Yes! Career Counseling is available through our Career Center. Ms. Victoria Kerr, Sr. Director of the Career Center via email or by calling the office at (717)-477-1484.

In addition to having a staff member provide one-on-one consultation for veterans' career counseling, the Career Center also provides two workshops a semester for veterans and has helpful articles on its website

Does Ship have someone who I can talk to about utilizing accommodations for accessibility? How can I get connected to disability counseling?

Yes! Disability Counseling is offered by Ms. Shelbie D'Annibale the Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR). You can contact her via email or by calling the office at (717)-477-1326.

Does Ship have someone who specializes in academic advising of veterans? 

While all of our advisors can help students with their programs of study and by utilizing their degree audit, you can contact Dr. Mike Levinstein, Director of Exploratory Advising and Advisor Development via email or by calling his office at (717)-477-1383.

What is Shippensburg's Readmission Process?  

If you find yourself needing to take a leave of absence for any reason or are academically dismissed, please visit our Readmission Policy website for information on both undergraduate and graduate students. 

As a Service member or reservist, if I need to be readmitted to a program because I am temporarily unable to attend class due to service requirements, what do I need to do?

Thank you for your service! We are here to help make this a smooth transition. We encourage you to review our Readmission Policy above and contact your college and the Veteran Verification Office (SCO) regarding your status. 

If I don't complete a course, what is the return policy for tuition assistance funds?

Our Return Policy for Tuition Assistance Funds in the event a military-connected student is unable to complete a course is linked here. Please contact Merisa Harbaugh by calling (717)-477-1123 regarding TA reimbursements.

Contact the Veteran Services Office Mowrey 207 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1710
Monday- Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM