Readmission of Students

If you would like to return to the university and were not on an approved leave of absence or if you were dismissed or withdrew for academic reasons, you must file a formal application for readmission with the Admissions Office. The application and fee must be submitted by one of the following dates: May 1 if requesting readmission for summer session; July 15 for the fall semester; November 1 for the winter term; or December 1 for the spring semester.

If you were in good standing at the time of your withdrawal, your application will be reviewed by your academic dean and other university officials, if necessary. Readmission may be denied or deferred if university enrollment is full or if you are applying for a program that is restricted or closed.

If you were dismissed or withdrew for academic reasons, you will not be considered for possible readmission for at least one calendar year following your dismissal or withdrawal. If a student has been dismissed twice for academic reasons, including when a dismissal appeal has been granted, he/she is ineligible for readmission to the university for at least five years, when he/she may be considered for academic forgiveness upon readmission.

Readmission is never guaranteed following academic dismissal. It may be granted only if you present compelling evidence of some fundamental change that will then allow you to perform academically at the level needed to graduate. Approval of the Academic Review Committee is required.

If you are readmitted within one year of leaving the university, you will be subject to the academic policies and requirements that were in effect at the time of your original matriculation date as defined at the beginning of this chapter. After one year, your academic dean may determine current policies and requirements (in whole or part) will be applied.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 717-477-1231 or  


Application for Undergraduate Readmission