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Event Types Details

Event Types

Master calendar events can be filtered by event types or locations.  NOTE: Guest, Construction/maintenance and Meeting event types do not display on Master Calendar or Ship events.

Calendar List Color Notes
150th   150th Events
Academics Speakers & Programs   Department Guest Speakers
Admissions   Admission Events (Open Houses, Admitted Students Day)
Alumni    Alumni Events, fundraisers
Arts & Culture   Music, Art, Int’l Studies, Study Abroad, MSA Events, Inclusion
Athletics / Recreation   Sport, intramurals events
Camps    Keystone, Academic, Kids, HOBY camps
Career Development   Career, PCDE, Career Mentoring and Professional Development
Diversity   Diversity events
Faculty / Staff   Employee workshops, trainings
Leadership & Civic Engagement   Community Engagement
Mind, Body, Spirit   Counseling Center, religious, spiritual, mission Trips
Residential & Student Life   Res Life Programming, Student Life Programming (SSI, Clubs, Org, Greek Life)
Student Success    Learning Center, Library