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Expressive Activities 

Shippensburg University as a public university supports the rights of all, within the bounds of the law, to
engage in protected speech and assembly, including but not limited to demonstrations, marches,
picketing, leafleting, and protesting (“Expressive Activity or Activities”). The purpose of this policy is to
balance free speech rights with the University’s obligation to provide an educational environment for
faculty, students and staff free from disruption.


  1. The nation is suffering a pandemic caused by COVID-19 that specifically circumscribes how
    groups can gather, the number of individuals that can gather at any one time, and the distance
    mandated between individuals as all people on campus move about University property and
    facilities. Therefore, in accordance with the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) and
    Governor Tom Wolf’s public health mandates for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all
    Expressive Activity or Activities will be limited geographically to protect the health and wellbeing of all individuals and groups on campus.
    1. Grove Lawn: The grassy area between Grove Hall and Math & Computing Technologies Center (MCT). [view map]
    2. Reisner Lawn: The grassy area to the southeast of Reisner Dining Hall and southwest of McLean Hall. [view map]
    3. The “Hockey Rink”: The covered and open-air area located beyond the parking lot across the street from Luhrs Performing Arts Center. [view map]
  2. On-Campus Community Accessible Areas will be available for Expressive Activity or Activities on
    a first come basis. Applications for any planned Expressive Activity or Activities must be
    submitted at least three (3) business days in advance via the reservation
  3. Spontaneous demonstration exception. [See policy].
  4. Requests for use during scheduled academic hours may be denied. [See policy].
    1. If a request is denied, the requester will be informed within two (2) business day(s) of
    2. When a request is denied, the requester may appeal the decision to the Office of
      Administration & Finance within five (5) business days. The VP for Administration and
      Finance or his/her designee will respond no later than five (5) business days after the
      date of the appeal. The decision of the VP for Administration & Finance shall be final.

How to Request a Space