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Shippensburg University Space and Event Request System

External Requestor     Ship Student, Faculty or Staff Users     Event Types     Group Information


Welcome to the Shippensburg University Space and Event Request System user guide. This guide is intended to help you schedule your event in the right place at the right time. Please read the instructions below on how to Browse for Facilities, Space, Groups or Events, how to log in and make a request for space and services. Please note that this guide is for Shippensburg room requests only.

If you are a Ship student, faculty or staff member you must login in to have access to all of the rooms available to you.  

External Requestors

This is for CUB Vendor spaces only.

  • Go to
  • Select My Home, Then select Request a Room
    EMS sign inThis will take you to the CUB Vendor Reservation Form
  • If you wish to request a different space or have questions about your request, please contact the appropriate office -- Events Contacts List


Ship Student, Faculty or Staff Users

  • Go to
  • Select My Home, Then select Sign In
    EMS sign inLog in using your Ship user name and ID.
    Your account will be automatically created upon login with your ShipID

    CALENDAR NOTE:  If your event has multiple rooms and you what the event to display on campus calendars, please schedule the main room separately and designate as "post on public calendar".  Support rooms can be group scheduled. 

Instructions for:

Complete Web APP Users Guide [PDF 1.8MB]


If you have questions about your request, please contact the appropriate office for the space you wish to schedule -- Events Contacts List

Shippensburg University faculty who have requests for their academic classes should contact the Registrar's Office --

If you have questions, please visit the Event Planning page.

Request Details

Event Types

Master calendar events can be filtered by event types and locations.  NOTE: Guest, Construction/maintenance and Meeting event types do not display on Master Calendar or Ship events.

Calendar List Color Notes
Academics Speakers & Programs   Department Guest Speakers
Admissions   Admission Events (Open Houses, Admitted Students Day)
Alumni    Alumni Events, fundraisers
Arts & Culture   Music, Art, Int’l Studies, Study Abroad, MSA Events, Inclusion
Athletics / Recreation   Sport, intramurals events
Camps    Keystone, Academic, Kids, HOBY camps
Career Development   Career, PCDE, Career Mentoring and Professional Development
Diversity   Diversity events
Faculty / Staff   Employee workshops, trainings
Leadership & Civic Engagement   Community Engagement
Mind, Body, Spirit   Counseling Center, religious, spiritual, mission Trips
Residential & Student Life   Res Life Programming, Student Life Programming (SSI, Clubs, Org, Greek Life)
Student Success    Learning Center, Library


Event Details and Group Information

  • Fields with a red asterisk * are required
  • Complete all other fields as needed.
  • Add Event name and select meeting type
    Event name

Select a group

You must select a group or organization.  DO NOT select your name as the group.  New users should use search to select the group you are scheduling the event for.  EMS will build a directory of groups you schedule.   You can select from the list rather than search for additional requests.

  • Users need to be associated with an organization in order for requests to be processed
  •  Click on the magnifying glass next to the Group field

  • Please Search for the organization you are scheduling this event for.  Typing the first letters of the groups name will make it easier to find.

    Search Gruop

Select Contact

  • Use Search to find your name for first time user. Select from "Current 1st" if you are scheduling for yourself after your first time.

    Search contact


    Complete additional details

    Organization More

Event Equipment and Setup Needs

Please note that the event equipment details are different for each request form.  The image below is only an example. 

 Click “Submit”