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Process Advisors

As a part of the student conduct process, SU students are permitted to have a process of advisor of their choosing in any student conduct meetings or hearings. 

Role of a Process Advisor

Process advisors act as a support and guidance resource for students within the student conduct process. Process advisors can

  • Help a student prepare for a meeting or hearing 
  • Observe the meeting or hearing 
  • Speak privately with a student during a meeting or hearing at the request of the student 

Process advisors can not

  • Speak on behalf of a student 
  • Participate in meeting or hearing other than to introduce themselves 
  • Ask questions of reporters, responders, witnesses, or board members 

Who Can Serve as a Process Advisor 

A process advisor can be anyone that the student chooses and who agrees to be their advisor. A process advisor can not be another party in the case (like a reporter or witness). Since a process advisor is a support resource, we recommend you select someone you are comfortable working with. Process advisors could be: 

  • A friend
  • A family member 
  • Ship faculty or staff member 
  • An attorney or other outside representative (paid for by the student) 

I Need a Process Advisor, But Do Not Know Who to Ask? 

If you want a process advisor for a student conduct meeting or hearing, but are not sure who to ask, we are available to help assist in getting you connected with an advisor. Please call our office at 717-477-1164 or email us at

Contact the Office of Student Conduct Old Main 210 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1164 Fax: (717) 477-4007