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Graduate Housing

Shippensburg University offers campus housing in Mowrey Hall for graduate students without high costs and with the independence offered from off-campus living.

Graduate housing features: 

  • Private living space 
  • Furnished room
  • Free laundry facilities 
  • Shared kitchen space
  • Open visitation
  • Alcohol permitted
  • Pet policy
  • Utilities included 
  • No meal plan requirement 

View a floor plan and room layout.

Housing is available during all breaks during the academic year; students are not required to move out during fall, Thanksgiving, winter, or spring break. Students cannot leave items in the graduate housing assignment over the summer if they are not actively working or attending classes on campus, even if they are returning for the fall semester. Students have the ability to break from their agreement at any time without penalty. If students are interested in leaving Graduate Housing, they must complete a check-out with the residence life staff.  They will complete an RCR (room condition report), withdrawal from residence hall form, and turn in their room key to the Community Assistant of Mowrey Hall. They will also turn in the mailbox key to the CUB UPS center.

Each semester, there are a limited number of opportunities across campus for Graduate students living in Mowrey Hall to help pay for their housing. These work options, approximately 8-10 hours a week, provide a waiver that covers Mowrey Hall housing costs each semester that the work is completed.

In the fall and spring, students must complete 120 hours each semester, and in the summer, students must complete 45 hours per summer term. 


Can I have a Graduate Assistantship and do the work option for housing?

Yes, you can have a graduate assistantship as well as a work option placement to help offset the cost of housing. You will be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of a Graduate Assistantship and the requirements of a work option for housing. The graduate housing work option is not a GA position and they operate differently. Please contact Graduate Admissions with any questions.


Where can I work for the work option to help offset the cost of housing?

Some work options include:

  • Campus Recreation
  • Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center
  • Ceddia Union Building
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Enrollment Management
  • FYE Assistance/Mentors
  • Housing/Residence Life
  • International Student Programs
  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Pride & Gender Equity Center


How will Graduate Housing be applied to my bill?

If you are paying to live on campus, Graduate Admissions or Housing and Residence Life will notify Student Accounts, and a housing charge will be placed on your account at the beginning of the term or whenever you move in. If you are choosing the work opportunity, Graduate Admissions will notify Student Accounts to place a “housing waiver” on your account.


How do I get a work option placement for Graduate Housing?

For more information and to express interest in a Mowrey housing work option, please email Jennifer Milburn (

Hiring for summer terms occurs in April, hiring for fall occurs in July, and hiring for spring occurs in November. 

How do I sign up for Graduate Housing?

Incoming students confirm housing through the Admission confirmation process. Current students confirm housing in the MyHousing portal through the myShip account.

What amenities does Graduate Housing offer?

Graduate housing provides a private, furnished room; access to a common kitchen; communal bathrooms; and study lounge; and an open visitation policy. Alcohol is permitted and a meal plan is not required.

What is the pet policy for Mowrey Graduate Housing?

Graduate students living in Mowrey Hall are permitted to have 1 pet registered to their room. The pet can be registered by filling out this form: Mowrey Grad Housing Pet Registration

By registering a pet with Housing and Residence Life to live with you in Mowrey Hall, you understand and agree to the following:

  • Students must take full responsibility for their pet, including but not limited to pet behavior, cleanliness of the living space, and any damages to the living space.
  • If any damages occur, the student will be responsible for paying any associated fees for cleaning, painting, or replacement of furnishings in the room.
  • If a pet is a nuisance in the community, students are responsible for addressing it and taking responsibility. This includes excessive noise, damage, injury, messes, etc. caused by the animal.
  • Pets must be accompanied in the community and/or when outside the building. When outside of your assigned room, cats must be on a leash or in a carrier and other types of pets must be in an appropriate tank/carrier. Animals may not roam loose on the floor at any time.
  • Pets must be up to date on vaccines appropriate for the animal's type and age (i.e. rabies). Staff may ask to see this verification at any time.
  • Students must not leave my pet unattended for excessive lengths of time as determined by established care guidelines for the type of animal (i.e. fish can be alone longer than a cat). 
  • Housing and Residence Life may ask me to remove my pet if extensive community issues are present as a result of my pet, or if damages are taking place in the room or community.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up pet waste and disposing of it properly outside of Mowrey Hall.
  • Pets must not create a burden for the building custodians or grounds crews that work for the Facilities Department.

Why should I live on campus?

You are within walking distance to all of Ship’s resources: fourteen dining options on campus offer a wide range of cuisine, including Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts; a free bike share program; the 13 mile multi-use Cumberland Valley rail trail; and a modern ShipRec student recreation facility (fee applies).

Can my partner/children live with me?

No, there is currently no policy supporting cohabitation or family housing.

When can I move in? When can I move out?

Housing and Residence Life will coordinate and communicate all move-in and move-out dates by semester. Housing is available during all breaks; students are not required to move out during breaks. Students have the ability to break from their agreement at any time without penalty. If students are interested in leaving Graduate Housing, they must request to be released from the housing agreement by filling out the appropriate form.

What is provided in a room?

Mowrey Hall has double rooms but Graduate Housing offers single occupancy in each room. All rooms have two standard twin beds, two desks, two chairs, two built in closets, and two built in dressers. A window unit air conditioner is included in the room.

What is not provided in a room?

A microwave and refrigerator are not provided by the university, but there is a full kitchen on the floor for all graduate students to share. 

Where can I park?

A student parking pass costs $75 for the year, and parking is located near the residence hall.