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Coordinated through the Chief Strategy Officer's Office 

Mission Statement

The President’s Leadership Academy (PLA) is committed to fostering, promoting and supporting holistic professional development to increase Shippensburg University’s capacity to significantly improve its identity, culture, and future success.

The PLA will serve as a vehicle for continuous executive-style professional development of Shippensburg University’s faculty and staff. Individually and collectively, PLA cohorts will assist in the implementation of innovative strategies in line with Shippensburg’s mission. These strategies include (but are not limited to) Planning, Educational Services & Learning Sessions, Recruitment, Retention, Resource Development and analysis and dissemination of Best Practices for Student Success.


To be recognized as a premier executive-style educational leadership academy by providing high quality instructional programs and campus services for faculty and staff via a wide array of programs and teaching modalities with the intent of supporting the four established priorities of Shippensburg University.


Cultivating Leadership through Mentorship


  • Work in partnership with the President and Executive Management Team in an effort to improve the student experience.
  • Develop future leaders within the Shippensburg University community.
  • Be critical-communicators and advocates through sharing the University’s vision and initiatives.
  • Serve as ambassadors of the PLA and assist with,
    1. Design a process to nominate future PLA applicants and assist with program-develop and implementation,
    2. Assist with continuous development and improvement of the PLA program,
    3. Establish consistent and ongoing lines of communication, and work with members of the EMT to develop meaningful leadership development initiatives for the campus community,
    4. Advocate for the PLA to the campus community.

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Members of the PLA must sign in with their Ship username and password to access the PLA Intranet.

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Past cohorts:

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Past PLA Members

For more information or questions contact: 

Lorie Davis, Dean of Students,, 717-477-1164

Apply to become a PLA Member

Membership applications for the next cohort will be available in April and due in May. The 2022 cohort will run from September 2022 - May 2023.