Shippensburg University Pivot Team


The Shippensburg University Pivot Team’s mission is to enact our collective voice to serve our campus community and empower each student to succeed, specifically:

  • to be mindful of our interactions with students,
  • to be purposeful and positive within our daily roles, and most importantly,
  • to be change agents who create energy and excitement across the campus community to ensure that we all feel empowered and supported as we work with each student on campus.


Goal 1: Create pathways that bring our campus community together to enhance interactions with students to improve student success.

Goal 2: Formalize partnerships across offices to strengthen our campus community.

Pivot Team Members

  • Dr. Lynn Baynum
  • Dr. Niel Brasher
  • Ms. Lorie Davis
  • Mr. Samuel Frushour
  • Ms. Shaye Egolf
  • Ms. Lauren Hill
  • Dr. Carla Kungl
  • Dr. Kara Laskowski
  • Ms. Tanya Miller
  • Ms. Katrina Myers
  • Dr. Marc Renault
  • Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft
  • Mr. Stephen Washington
  • Ms. Addalena Virtus
  • Ms. Anita Weaver