Grants Overview

This website provides requests for proposals (RFP) for the grant programs available to tenured or tenure-track faculty members at Shippensburg University (SU). Each year the SU Foundation, Provost's Office, and College Deans provide funds to support faculty professional development. Currently, CETL supports three different grant programs:

Travel Grant: Supports faculty travel to conferences for presentations, conference organizing, or required attendance for national officers.

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Faculty Training and Continuing Education (FTCE): Supports efforts to improve pedagogy, teaching, or scholarship through attendance at workshops or other innovative approaches.

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PASSHE and SU Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC): Supports faculty professional development including, but not limited, to: (1) research, (2) public service, (3) creative and performing arts, (4) Innovation in Teaching, (5) Individual and career enhancement, and (6) Development of an extramural grant proposal.

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Annual Reports

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Important Updates for 2022-23 Academic Year

  • Mileage reimbursement is $0.625 per mile
  • To request a travel advance, applications cannot be submitted at the deadline prior to travel, they must be submitted at the previous deadline
  • The SU Travel Request Form may be signed with e-signatures. After obtaining applicant and department chair signatures, email the form to both the dean and their administrative assistant.
  • Itemized meal receipts are not required. Faculty should only claim their actual costs (up to the per diem rate) for the destination city, minus meals included in the registration fees
  • Faculty Training and Continuing Education Award limit: to be determined
  • Travel Grant Award Limit: to be determined
  • All post award paperwork must be submitted to CJ Ezell in the CETL Office, located in within the Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Educations (PCDE), HH 117 (

Important Reminders:

  • Travel Grant and Faculty Training and Continuing Education grant programs will be accepted via the online application
    • For technical support with your application, please contact: Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs at x1251
    • For questions regarding your application, please contact:
    Grant applications for all CFEST Grant Administration programs must be completed and submitted the deadline before you travel / complete workshop or training
  • Summer travel (May-September 2022): Faculty must apply for CFEST Travel and FTCE grants by the May 1, 2023 deadline Special Exemption: Evidence of acceptance is not required for faculty applying for travel in late summer / early fall
  • If you are traveling internationally, then the President must sign the Travel Request Form and complete the Foreign Travel Disclosure Form
  • If a travel advance or registration prepayment is requested, then the CFEST Travel Grant Application must be submitted by the monthly deadline at least one-month prior to the month of travel (Examples: Travel in November must be submitted by the October deadline. Travel in February must be submitted by the December deadline.)
  • Final reports are accepted online via the CFEST website

Grant Application Important Dates

Travel and FTCE Grant Program
Application Deadlines

How to Apply:
October 3, 2022
November 1, 2022
December 1, 2022
February 1, 2023
March 1, 2023
April 3, 2023
May 1, 2023


The Travel and FTCE grant competitions for the 2022-23 academic year will open soon.

Grant applications due by 11:59 pm EST
Submitted via InfoReady:



FPDC Grant Program
Application Deadline
How to Apply:

Grant Writing Workshop: Nov, 2022 
Application Deadline: January 24, 2023 
Award Notification: April/May 2023

Grant applications due Jan 24 by 11:59 pm

Submit proposals via InfoReady (PDF format):

Grants Administration Committee 2022 - 2023

Committee Member Department Phone Email

Paul Taylor,

Mathematics x1705
Jose Ricardo-Osorio Dean of Education and Human Services x1373
John Kooti Dean of Business x1435
Lesley Brown Dean of Arts and Sciences x1151
Melissa McNelis Human Communications Studies x1720
Grant Innerst Mathematics x1468
Eucabeth Odhiambo Teacher Education x1198
Christine Senecal History and Philosophy x1262
Matt Shupp Counseling x1676
Arelys Madero Criminal Justice x1773
Antonia Price Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs x3049

Ex-Officio Member:
Administrative Assistant: CJ Ezell, x3381,, HH 117

CETL Grants Administration Mission

The CETL Grants Administration supports the professional development of Shippensburg University tenure-track and tenured faculty via awarding intramural grants and assisting faculty to develop competitive grant-writing skills.  CETL Grants Administration encourages faculty to participate in conferences, training opportunities, research, public service, creative and performing arts, and development of curricula and instructional techniques as part of their ongoing development as teacher-scholars. CETL strives to support Shippensburg University’s commitment to student learning by supporting the faculty professional development necessary to maintain and enhance the quality of teaching and learning on this campus