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Faculty and Staff Payroll

Welcome to Shippensburg University!

Please complete the following payroll enrollment documents in full for proper generation of your paycheck.  Failure to return these documents will result in a delay in receiving your paycheck.

Return completed forms:

Human Resources Department Old Main 109
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA  17257
Fax:  717-477-4037

Print all forms



  • Employee Information Sheet - Employee information is recorded in accordance with Federal and Commonwealth guidelines.  Complete all sections.
  • Veteran Status Information – Veteran status information is recorded in accordance with Federal and Commonwealth guidelines.  Complete all sections.
  • W-4- federal income tax withholding - Complete Steps 1 through 5 on the first page. The remainder of the form is for information.
  • Local services tax exemption certificate - Complete this form only if exemption(s) apply.  You must provide documentation to support the exemption as indicated.
  • I-9 employment eligibility verification – Complete Section 1.  You must provide proof of employment eligibility (see page 3) in person before you can begin to work.  Originals of documents must be present upon arrival at Shippensburg University. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Instructions
  • Local earned income tax residency certification - Complete this form to indicate county and borough or township residence for local tax purposes.  If you are relocating to this area, please complete the form with your current address and, when you move, complete a new copy of this form.
  • Service with other state agencies- Complete this form to indicate whether you are currently participating in Pennsylvania state retirement plans or are collecting a retirement benefit.
  • Previous periods of service with other state agencies - Complete this form, if applicable, to indicate other periods of service.
  • Pay option selection - Complete this form only if you are full time faculty teaching for an entire academic year, designating whether you want to be paid year-round at 26 pay periods or only during the academic year at 20 pay periods. Failure to complete the form with payroll enrollment will result in receiving your pay at the 20-pay option.
  • Direct deposit authorization - Complete the form if you wish to elect direct deposit.  Attach a voided check or documentation from the financial institution to verify transit routing and account number.
  • Confidentiality statement  - Read and sign.
  • Workers compensation employee notification and workers compensation information - Read and sign.
  • Work related injury procedures & important notice Keep for your reference.
  • Background check information - Read the instructions for background checks
  • Information release authorization– Complete and sign
  • Background clearance certification for provisional employment or volunteering  - Complete and sign.
  • Applicant information for Act 144 FBI criminal search with fingerprints  - Complete all requested information.
  • Campus directory update – Enter your campus phone extension and office location into the campus directory.

Contact the Human Resources Office

Old Main 109 Phone: 717-477-1124 Fax: (717) 477-4037
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.