As we look toward the end of the Spring 2022 semester, we want to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that our campus community has put in to have a successful academic year. Please find information on Shippensburg’s AWS/Compressed/summer hours.


2022 Summer Alternative Work Schedules (AWS)


Administrative offices may choose to operate on summer hours (8:00am -4:00pm) with half hour lunches beginning May 23, 2022. This decision is made solely at the discretion of the Department Head/Dean, in consultation with the Vice President as operational needs permit.   Summer hours will end no later than August 12, 2022.


Alternate Work Schedules (AWS), sometimes known as compressed work schedules, will also be made available should it be possible, while still maintaining the full operations of the department during this summer period. This is not a return to remote work and will be more in line with established operations from the Summer 2021 term. Please see below for information on how to request an AWS.




  1. What are the start and end dates for the 2022 AWS? No earlier than May 23, 2022, and cannot extend beyond August 12,2022
  2. Where can I find the available schedules? Schedules are listed as AFSCME, SCUPA and Management.  Please see the attached documents for which one may be applicable.  These schedules may also be found at  2022 Summer Schedules
  3. Can anyone work the AWS?  Decisions to modify summer schedules are at the discretion of Dean/department directors and the VP/divisional heads, as appropriate.
  4. What hours need to be covered? Core hours of 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday must be covered within the department.  Customer Service, efficiency and effectiveness are valued and must be maintained.
  5. Am I required to modify my schedule? If workload and coverage permit, some staff may work a 4-day work week and others work the 5-day work week.
  6. Do I need to check with other departments/areas? Due to needed cross-department and shared coverage, any modified schedule for academic departments should be coordinated by the Dean’s office.
  7. Where may I find the form needed for approval of this schedule change? 2022 Summer Schedule Approval Form. 
  8. What if a Holiday falls on my scheduled day off? If your scheduled day off with AWS falls on Memorial Day, Juneteenth, or Independence Day, you will have an additional deferred holiday available to use before the year end 2022.
  9. When do I have to have my requested change approved and provided to HR/Payroll? Employees shall submit their request to their Dean/department supervisor and VP/division heads for approval.  Deans/department supervisors and VP/division heads must submit all approval forms for their department(s) to HR no later than Friday April 22, 2022.   Approvals may be submitted to


Should you have any questions about 2022 Summer schedules, please contact our office at 717-477-1124 or e-mail us at