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General Policies

  • We require a twenty-four hour notice for requests of audio-visual and video equipment for classroom delivery. You may make these requests on a per-use basis, a regularly reoccurring basis, or send us your requests for the entire semester.
  • Depending on the availability, certain types of equipment may be checked out to individuals on a daily, weekly, or semester basis.
  • We support and maintain only that equipment which appears on our inventory, including replacement of data projector and overhead projector lamps. If a department transfers funds into our cost center for equipment, we will then turn it over to the department on long-term loan, and maintain it. If the department purchases it on their own, we are not responsible for its maintenance and replacement parts.
  •  Allow reasonable time for completion of graphic, video, and photographic requests. Time needed to complete a project depends on complexity, other commitments, and personnel availability.
    • Rule of thumb:
      • Overhead transparencies - usually the same day.
      • Laminating: 1-2 days
      • Banners, signs: 1-2 days
      • Photography/graphic production- 1 week
      • Video editing: by appointment
      • Video/multimedia projects: planned by month or semester
  • The majority of classrooms have overhead projectors and screens assigned on a permanent basis. Call to confirm status of room being used. PLEASE DON'T SWAP EQUIPMENT BETWEEN ROOMS OR BORROW FROM OTHER ROOMS. Call us immediately (x1646) if you have a breakdown or other problems.
  • Public viewing rights can be acquired through Kathy Coy in Ezra Lehman Memorial Library at ext. 1466. You need to inform Media Services of the show date, time, and place. You are responsible for picking up and returning video tapes directly to the Library.
  • Camcorders, tape recorders and most other media equipment are available to students for use on classroom assignments. Information on reserving and checking equipment is located at Lehman Library. A Shippensburg University ID is required at time of pickup. Unreturned equipment will be reported as stolen and turned over to University Police for recovery as well as any criminal charges if necessary.