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Residence Halls

The Shippensburg University Residence Halls are equipped with wiring, dial tone, and a university owned DID (Direct- Inward-Dial) number assignment. This DID assignment is predetermined by the university and will be available to the student upon room assignment. Students are required to bring their own telephone device. You are asked to seek a device with a REN (Ringer Equivalency Number) less than 1.5. This information is provided by the manufacturer and may generally be found on the bottom of the phone or manufacturer information provided on the box before purchase.

A normal touch-tone phone is required. Older style dial phones will not operate on campus. In typical residence hall rooms, a separate telephone jack (white) may be found for each side of the room. The same telephone number assignment is provided to both jacks. Individual numbers for each student in a room are not available.

There are no recurring monthly charges for dial tone as there is with typical residential service. These charges could add up to about $11 per month plus taxes.

All campus to campus calls accessed by dialing the four-digit extension number are free of charge. All campus to local area calls, defined below, are free at this time. The Local Exchange Company (Sprint) however, may provide this feature (local calling) as metered service, in which case appropriate charges would apply. At this time there is no information supporting a change to metered-service. We only want you to be aware that the Local Exchange Company determines this through normal business procedures and PUC approvals.

TIP - The Telecommunications Office recommends you use an analog phone that has a FLASH or TAP button. Several features including CAMP, which allows you to get a second internal caller while you are on the phone, require a FLASH or TAP button.

Contact the Telecommunications Center

Communications Center, Old Main 102B Phone: 717-477-1985