Advisor Development and Resources Team (ADRT)

The Advisor Development Resources Team serves as a coordinating body to promote quality advising campus-wide and to create programs and services that assist faculty in their advising role. The ADRT, co-chaired by Michael Levinstein, the Director of Exploratory Advising and Advising Development, and Carla Kungl , CAS Dean's Associate for Advising, meets throughout the semester to share information on departmental advising activities, address advising issues and concerns, plan and promote campus-wide initiatives, and promote campus-wide assessment strategies. The representatives then report back to their respective academic/program units.

Activities of the ADRT include sponsoring the advising development workshop series, presenting new advisor training, publishing the Advising You Can Use newsletter, administering the Advising Excellence Award, and publishing brochures and student information posters.

Advisor Training: Each semester there are a series of Lunch & Learn presentations covering relevant topics. Additionally, a theoretically framed Advising Symposium is held each January and a practically themed Advising Bootcamp is held each August. 

Advising News You Can Use: Each semester, the ADRT publishes a newsletter with helpful campus information, program changes, and tips for advisors. The newsletter is distributed campus-wide to all faculty, administrators, and staff.

Advising Excellence Award: The Advising Excellence Awards have two primary objectives: (1) to elevate the quality of academic advising campus-wide; and, (2) to cultivate a campus culture that values advising as an integral component of the teaching and learning process. To achieve these objectives, the award process encourages advising programs to identify and share best practices that can be adapted by departments across campus. Eligibility to apply for the award includes college, school and departmental advising programs.

The annual Advising Excellence Awards are evidence of the university's commitment to support a culture that values advising as a key component to both university and student success. The increasing quality of applications demonstrates that the award has been a catalyst to promoting excellence in advising campus-wide. The ADRT deeply appreciates the president's and provost's continued support of this award.

If you are interested in serving on the ADRT, contact your department chair or Michael Levinstein, Director of Exploratory Advising & Advising Development at or x1383.