Faculty Advising Resources


"Few events in students' postsecondary experiences have as much potential for influencing their development as does academic advising. Through regular contact with students, whether in person, via mail, over the telephone, or through computer mediated systems, advisors gain meaningful insights into the academic, social, and personal experiences and needs of students. Advisors must use these insights to help students feel a part of the academic community, develop sound academic and career goals, and ultimately be successful." (NACADA Statement of Core Values of Academic Advising)

It is the philosophy of Shippensburg University that quality academic advising not only enhances the retention and satisfaction of students, it also enriches the professional experiences of advisors. Rather than protest that advising is an unimportant extracurricular duty, effective advisors know that advising is at the heart of who they are as educators. They prepare for advising as seriously as they prepare for teaching. They know that few of their other responsibilities carry as much potential to contribute to the success of the university and its students as advising.

Advising Mission Statement 

Academic advising at Shippensburg University is a joint endeavor that complements the educational goals of the university by working with and empowering students to obtain appropriate academic information, to develop educational and career goals, to learn the skills needed for academic success, and to access the variety of resources and services available to them.

The advising mission statement emphasizes three essentials of quality advising:

  • Advising is a partnership in which the student and the advisor have responsibilities.
  • Advising is a process to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals.
  • Advising is at the heart of the teaching-learning interaction in which the primary goal is to empower the student to take responsibility for his or her decisions and actions.

The information on this website provides faculty advisors at SHIP resources needed to be effective advisors and information that supports their advising function. Your feedback on how the Advising Development Program can be improved is welcomed.