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Developmental Education Program   


Developmental Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Developmental Education Program is to provide students with foundational skills necessary to be successful in college.

Developmental education at Shippensburg University is a process that complements the university's primary commitment to student learning and personal development by meeting the academic and transition needs of underprepared students. This process includes assessing each learner's level of preparedness for college coursework to ensure proper placement in writing, reading, and mathematics; offering opportunities to remediate deficiencies before they enter the university; providing instruction in basic academic skills and attitudes necessary for success in college; referring students to campus academic and personal assistance resources; and providing on-going academic advisement.

Developmental-level Courses

Courses numbered below 090 are considered developmental in nature and cover material at a pre-college level. These courses provide opportunities for students to develop academic proficiencies necessary for college success. Developmental courses are offered in Writing, Mathematics, and Reading. Credits earned in developmental courses are included in determining a student's class standing, and the grades are computed in the student's quality grade point average; however, these credits do not count toward the total number of credits required for graduation. Placement into developmental-level courses is determined by the university's placement testing procedures.

  • Students scoring into a developmental-level course will be scheduled in that course. Once enrolled into a developmental-level course, students may not drop or withdraw from the course unless a special exception has been granted by their College/School Dean.
  • Basic Writing and Developmental Reading & Study Skills should be scheduled in a student's first semester at SU. Students unable to be scheduled into Basic Writing and/or Developmental Reading & Study Skills in their first semester will be scheduled for the course(s) in their second semester. Scheduling of Developmental Mathematics will be determined by a student's major or area of interest.
  • Students must complete required developmental-level course(s) with a grade of C or above. Those who earn below a C must repeat the course in the following semester at SU.
  • A student may have a maximum of three attempts at each developmental-level course.
  • Students who do not comply with this policy will be required to meet with their College/School Dean who will determine what appropriate action should be taken. In extreme cases, students may not be permitted to register for classes the following academic semester at SU.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required in all developmental-level courses and will be factored into the computation of the course final grade.