Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Physics (Engineering)

In conjunction with partner universities, the Shippensburg University Physics Department offers the highly-valued 3+2 degree program in Applied Physics and Engineering. Students attend Shippensburg for three years and then transfer to one of our partner Universities (Penn State Main Campus or Harrisburg Campus). All your credits transfer and after two more years you will be awarded an Engineering degree from the partner university and an Applied Physics degree from Shippensburg.

The Applied Physics program at Shippensburg University will prepare you for your final two years at our partner universities. This dual degree combines the technical expertise of an engineering degree, with the flexibility and problem-solving capabilities of a physics degree. In the fast-changing world of technical and business employment, the applied physics degree enables you to adapt in any position, making you more attractive to employers.

Careers in Physics

A physics degree provides more than just the knowledge of the physical universe needed for a job in industry, technology, or to attend graduate school. A physics degree provides the background for anyone who will use mathematics, logical thinking or problem solving abilities in their chosen field. It is also an excellent background for and highly desired by the professional schools.

If you’re not sure what you want to do in your career, but you know that you’ll want to use your ability to think rationally and plan logically, then physics is the degree for you. Our physics graduates have ended up in a variety of careers - all they needed to do was show an interest in the field and to apply to the appropriate industry. Examples of career paths our graduates have chosen include:

  • Medical Technology
  • Finance & Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnical Research
  • Secondary Education
  • Computer services
  • Telecommunications

Physics degrees are not only valued in academic and technical careers, but can also prepare you for further education in:

  • Law School
  • MBA Programs
  • Medical School
  • Graduate Studies in Computers, Chemistry, Biophysics and other fields

A physics degree from Shippensburg can open these and many other doors to you.

Degree Requirements

Courses  Credits per course Combined credits

I. Physics courses:

PHY 105 Freshman Seminar Physics 2 2
PHY 221 Fundamentals of Physics I 5 5
PHY 222 Fundamentals of Physics II 5 5
PHY 301 Math. and Numerical Techniques 4 4
PHY 311 Quantum I 4 4
PHY 321 Electricity and Magnetism I 4 4
PHY 331 Mechanics I 4 4
PHY 341 Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics 4 4
Physics Credits   32
II. Allied-Field courses:    
MAT 211 Calculus I 4 4
MAT 212 Calculus II 4 4
MAT 213 Calculus III 4 4
MAT 322 Differential Equations 3 3
MAT 318 Elementary Linear Algebra 3 3
CSC 110 Computer Science I 4 4
CHM 121 Chemical Bonding I 3  
CHM 125 Lab IB 1 4
CHM 122 Chemical Dynamics 3  
CHM 126 Lab IIB 1 4
Allied Credits   30
Additional General Education Credits   36