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Sample MPA Program Schedule

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You can complete the MPA program in two years, taking classes just one night a week. If that doesn't suit your schedule, you may choose to take a less intensive approach. The course sequence below is a sample based on previous program sequence and does not necessarily represent the upcoming schedule.

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: 8-week courses, including 2 weeks of online work
  • Winter Session Sessions: Online only, 5 weeks in Winter, 6 weeks in Summer
  • Courses are offered at Dixon University Center in Harrisburg and on campus in Shippensburg
  • 6-credit hour internship required (If you are employed full-time in a professional position in the field, you can apply to have your internship requirement waived and replaced with one additional elective)

Consult the Graduate Catalog for specific course details and requirements.

Part-Time: One night a week for two years

Includes courses in summer and winter (ideal for people working full-time)

 Fall Year 1

  • Session 1: Organization Theory
  • Session 2: Public Policy Analysis

Winter Year 1

  • Research Methods or no course (online)

Spring Year 1

  • Session 1: Elective Course
  • Session 2: Human Resource Management

Summer Year 1

  • Labor Relations - online (elective)

Fall Year 2

  • Session 1: Public Budgeting
  • Session 2: Elective Course

Winter Year 2

  • Research methods or no course (online)

Spring Year 2

  • Session 1: Elective Course
  • Session 2: Capstone: Applied Public Management

Summer Year 2

  • State Government - online (elective)

Full-Time: Three courses a semester

No summer or winter classes (Ideal for people pursuing a traditional approach

Fall Year 1

  • Organization Theory
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Elective

Spring Year 1

  • Human Resource Management
  • Research Methods
  • Elective

Fall Year 2

  • Public Budgeting
  • Elective
  • Elective

Spring Year 2

  • Capstone: Applied Public Management
  • Internship I
  • Internship II
  • Pennsylvania Local Government
  • Ethics for Public Service Managers
  • State Government
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Labor Relations in the Public Sector
  • Advocacy in Public Administration
  • Communication for the Public Manager
  • Administrative Law
  • Selected Topics
  • Field Research I and II