ODL Internships

The following policies clarify and extend the university's policies on internships, which are found in the current Shippensburg University Catalog. These policies are intended to make the handling of internships consistent throughout the College of Arts and Sciences, although departments are free to institute additional requirements if they deem appropriate. 

  • Graduate students must have been matriculated in a graduate program to qualify. ODL students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the program. 
  • It is recommended that graduate students in the ODL program have completed 18-21 credits in the program prior to taking the internship.
  • Students who wish to take an internship must attend the planning session held the previous semester, fill out the Letter of Agreement for Internship per instructions received at the meeting, and obtain relevant signatures from the internship site. After receiving approval, the letter of agreement will be kept on file in the department office for a minimum of three years.
  • During the regular academic year, students should keep a daily log during the first two weeks of their internship and a weekly log thereafter. Every month students should turn in a copy of the log to their faculty internship coordinator. In the summer, the faculty internship coordinator and the student should arrange a schedule for periodic submissions of this information by the student.
  • The ODL director must make every reasonable effort to visit interns, and in cases where this is not possible, the coordinators must contact both the student and the employer by phone during the period of the internship. At the midterm and end of the internship, employers should complete the Organization Intern Evaluation Form and return it to the faculty director of the ODL program. 
  • At the end of the internship, the student should submit a seven to ten page report to the faculty internship coordinator detailing the activities from the internship and describing how these activities met his/her stated educational goals. 
  • At the end of the internship the student will also complete the Student Evaluation Form, which will be kept on file in the department office and reviewed by the chair/internship coordinator for the department.

There are two components to the capstone experience for the Organizational Development & Leadership. The first is SOC 609 - Internship and is comprised of the following:

  • 120 hours of internship work at an organizational site not related to your workplace, your job or former job that is agreed upon mutually between the ODL student and program director
  • Completed contact information form
  • Completed student activities and goals
  • Completed and signed copies of the letter of agreement, mid-term and final evaluations from the site supervisor, final student evaluation
  • A log, including dates and hours at the internship site but also including personal reflections and observations (handed in once after 2-3 times spent at site and again at the end of the internship)
  • Participation in the online (or in person if necessary) discussion several times each week (2-3)
  • Scheduling and participating in the program director's visit to the internship site
  • Completed reflective essay on the internship
  • SOC 609 is a 3-credit course graded on a Pass/No Pass basis only.