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  SPH 214A                    

Dr. Christine Anne Royce


Ed.D. Temple University - Curriculum, Instruction & Technology Education - Science Education (2002)
MBA Shippensburg University (2015)
M.S.  University of Scranton, Administration and Supervision (1995)
M.A.  Delaware State University, Curriculum & Instruction (1994) 
BSEd. Cabrini College, Elementary Education (1990)
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Business, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA (2014)


Organizational and Psychological Foundations for Secondary School (TCH 207)
Instructional Strategies and Technology in Science Education (SCED 530)
Assessment in Science Education (SCED 540)
Curricular Planning:  Standards, Assessment and Accountability

Research Interests
Integrating science and reading instruction through the use of children's trade books
Student's conceptual understanding of science content and where they perceive they developed those concepts
Strategies and instructional methods for astronomy education

Selected Publications


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Long, M., & Royce, C. A. (2005).  Amusement Park Experience Teacher’s Guide.  Published by K’Nex Education, Hatfield, PA for inclusion in their Amusement Park Experience Kit.


Invited Commentary:
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