Computer Science, Applications Concentration, B.S.

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This is our broadest degree. Its goal is to give students experiences across the discipline. The courses in this program cover everything from the organization of the hardware to high-level applications like graphics and artificial intelligence. Students in the program will get to take advanced electives in a wide range of topics instead of focusing on one particular area.

Identified skills for students in this concentration include:

  • The ability to solve difficult problems and implement solutions to those problems
  • Experience working together as a team
  • A good understanding of Machine Learning and its application to real world problems (e.g. data mining and clustering and classification)
  • Understanding the different aspects of computer networks. Such as building network applications, routing, working with TCP/IP and UDP, as well as physical layer understanding
  • Applying theory and practice to the design, implementation, and programming of database systems
  • Strengthening C and/or Java programming skills

The Undergraduate Catalog details specifics about course requirements and sequencing.