Leadership Residency Program

Shippensburg University's Leadership Residency Program provides a complete field-base series of six residencies that focus on key leadership competencies. This innovative training program is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and offers individuals the opportunity to excel to leadership roles within public education administration. This program is specifically designed for those interested in the Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility (including the Superintendent / Asst. Superintendent's Commission for the Business Officials). It is tailored for individuals looking for alternatives to traditional and online programs. 

Residency Overview

The residency program is designed for your convenience and can be completed in one and one-half years while candidates remain in their current positions. All seminars are held on weekends and the residencies, which are a form practicum, are completed in a candidate's home school district. The candidate selection process is competitive and only 14 candidates will be selected to participate within the cohort. The residencies are Act 45 approved and include:

  • Residency 1: District Governance and Community Relations 
  • Residency 2: Instructional and Technology Leadership 
  • Residency 3: Optimizing Financial Resources 
  • Residency 4: Ethical and Legal Decision Making 
  • Residency 5: Negotiations and Human Resources 
  • Residency 6: Facilities Management and Student Achievement
Expert Residency Faculty & Mentors  

Each residency is four credits and will be co-supervised by a university faculty member, a Leadership Fellow who is a practicing expert in the field, and a district based facilitator/mentor. They are selected from current district-level administrators, or other credentialed with specific expertise in the targeted areas. 

A Gateway to a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D)

Successful completion of the Leadership Residency Program can potentially qualify you for advanced standing in applying for the Education Leadership doctoral program—a new program launched through the Shippensburg University and Millersville University partnership. 

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Contacts & Support

For questions or concerns about the program, please email Rhonda Brunner via listed email below: 
Program Information
Rhonda Brunner
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership