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Tap into the Science and History of Brewing and Fermentation

The craft brewing industry is an innovative and rapidly growing industry -- it's no surprise that creative strategies and solutions for designing, building, and commissioning facilities for breweries and brewpubs are in high demand. 

With a grant  from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Ship is poised to meet the craft brewing industry's growing need for brewers and knowledgeable employees. With a focus on science, technology, engineering, fermentation, and management skills, Ship will offer courses and programs to prepare workers for Pennsylvania's brewed and malt beverage industry.

In partnership with brewing and fermentation experts and brewery owners, we are in the process of developing credit and non-credit program options that are designed to meet current and future industry demands.

Whether you need to develop expertise in brewing science, fermentation, business management, technology, and engineering, or you're just curious about what you're drinking, our expert faculty are collaboratively working together to develop a wide variety of learning opportunities, such as:

  • Short courses
  • Bus tours
  • Guest lectures
  • Brew science and management workshops

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