Student Research Talks

Throughout the week, faculty members will moderate Zoom sessions where students present their research.  All are welcome to join; links to the meetings will become active shortly before the meeting begins.  Meetings will be recorded and links to the recorded sessions will be available here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020



Practical experience in investments--IMP

Faculty moderator: Dr. Hong Rim
Student presenters: Jack Cornely, Sean Fox, Tyler Hahn, John Morey, Hannah Hunt, Nicolas Seymour, Cedric Adams, Morgan Kowalski, Madison Eutzy, Andrew Butz

The Investment Management Program (IMP) is to help students to integrate theory with practice in investments and to provide students a unique hands-on educational experience for portfolio management. Students have full discretion over the management of a real dollar portfolio (aka, Wisman Fund) by making all the decisions involving its management. Students are required to perform substantial presentations and research investment opportunities, the economy, and securities on an expectation and predictive basis. Specifically, its educational objectives are to help students to 1) participate in the actual practice of portfolio management by making recommendations to buy, sell, or hold based on their research in stocks and industries; 2) learn effective forms of small group interaction and teamwork; 3) enhance their understanding of new technology and utilization of relevant information for a thorough security analysis; 4) develop risk-reduction techniques and safeguards; and 5) develop skills applicable in general business settings (e.g., management techniques, presentation skills, …). The IMP class has provided scholarship funds to four students every year since 2015.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Honors Capstone Symposium, Part 1

Faculty moderator: Dr. Alison Dagnes

Senior Honors students will present their Capstone Projects.

  • Rachael Rudis, History/Secondary Education Major, “Founding American Diplomacy: Balance, Precedent, and Transcendence in John and Sarah Livingston Jay’s Mission to Spain, 1779-1782”
  • Katharine Sweigart, Communication Journalism Major, “Punditry vs. News: How Fox News Programming Shapes Americans’ Truth”
  • Thomas Fisher, Psychology and Political Science Major, “Impact of the Workplace Environment on Peer and Non-Peer Mental Health Providers”



Honors Capstone Symposium, Part 2

Faculty moderator: Dr. Kim Klein

Senior Honors students will present their Capstone Projects.

  • Amanda Barrett, Psychology Major, “Examining Emotion Regulation and Peer Relationships as Mediators between Parent-Child Attachment and Adolescent Romantic Relationships”
  • Veronica Ponti, English/Secondary Education Major, “Teaching Argumentative Writing in the ELA Classroom”
  • Margaret Dunkelberger, Geoenvironmental Studies Major, “Analysis of Loblolly Pine (PINUS TAEDA) Tree Ring and Climate Records of Assateague Island and Chincoteague Bay Region, Virginia”


Thursday, April 23, 2020


Undergraduate Research Projects in Chemistry

Faculty moderators: Dr. Allison Predecki, Dr. Robin McCann
Student presenters: Andrew Aumen, Sean Braet, David Helm, Dijana Katic, Nathaniel Liberator, John Markey, Sarah Nagy

This symposium will focus on the research projects performed by undergraduate chemistry majors. Research projects will include topics from the disciplines of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry.



Mathematics Student Research Presentations

Faculty moderators: Dr. Ji Young Choi, Dr. Doug Ensley

This session will feature ten-minute presentations by mathematics students from independent research, field experiences, or course projects. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

  • Ethan Clever, "Head for the Exits! Using Plickers for Exit Ticket Assessments in Our Math Classrooms"
  • Margaret Dunkelberger, "Analysis of Loblolly Pine (Pinus teada) Tree Ring and Climate Records of Assateague Island and Chincoteague Bay Region, Virginia"
  • Jacob Smith, "An Exploration Of Divisibility"
  • Michael Mitchell, "Singular value decomposition and graphics compression"
  • Gianna Sigado, "Manipulating images as matrices with MATLAB"
  • Jorge Medina, "Using linear algebra to compare players in the English Premier League"